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Air India gears up to place an historic order for 370 aircraft to be split between Boeing and Airbus

MUMBAI, INDIA — Air India is in talks with Boeing and Airbus to upgrade its fleet by ordering new aircraft. The airline, which was acquired by the Indian conglomerate Tata Group earlier this year, accelerates efforts to renew its aging fleet. ( More...

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Franky16 4
Well - that'll keep shareholders on both sides more than happy...
James Simms 3
Understand the desire to have a backup if the other goes down (such as the Max). On The Other Hand, if I’m not mistaken, Air India had financial solvency issues while owned by the Indian government. Now in private hands, there’ll be the added cost of maintaining two separate maintenance lines, warehousing, training & sims, potential for putting a part of one brand into the other & vice versa, etc….
Andreas Pyper 1
Great to hear. Just wish Air India would improve their business class product. It is still stuck in the 1980’s.
Les BUSINESS sont très bien et en plus on reçoit un pyjama

RECOR10 -9
I wonder if they will have a section for chickens and other livestock....
Andreas Pyper 1
And the reason for your racist comment is?
Wm. Mark Meiggs 2
Idiocy. Pure idiot is the only reason someone would so obviously display their stupidity.
Bill Butler 1
I didn't take that as racist. I guess what you see depends on where you sit. In the late 80s I was enroute to Sigonella, It. I was in the Navy at the time. Got a C-9 from Rome to Catania. After I got on, it kept filling up. One of the last passengers was an older lady with a cage with two chickens. The cage sat on the deck in the aisle. The seats were all taken, so the last passenger was given the jump seat. And, off we went!


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