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OPINION: Justin Trudeau has Failed Canada's Airlines

At the start of 2020 things looked promising. Swoop would be launching flights to Winnipeg in the summer, WestJet would be flying to Calgary a record 6x a day, Air Canada would be reinstating their 767s on the YYJ-YYZ route as well as the prospects of new airlines landing at YYJ! Unfortunately in March 2020, not only did the airline industry take a turn for the worst, but so did the government's response to the crisis. ( Más...

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Cansojr 1
Justin Trudeau is brainless!
Highflyer1950 1
Those with the deepest pockets last the longest! Airlines are labour and jet fuel intensive, neither of which are needed when planes are grounded either by AD’s, recessions or pandemics. It’s a tough industry but cyclic in nature. Stick it out for 40 years and you’ll recognize a pattern. Like the Beach Boys song “ Catch a Wave” and ride it out, if you can?


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