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Watch this A-10 pilot pull off a ballsy landing without landing gear or canopy

It takes nerves of steel to be a fighter pilot. It takes something else entirely to safely fly a damaged A-10 Thunderbolt II after your canopy has been ripped off and your front landing gear is stuck in the "up" position. And it takes brass f--king balls to glide on in, amidst all that, and stick a wheels-up belly landing as your hair dances in the breeze. ( Más...

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patrick baker 2
all the hyperbole of the set up to this squawk notwithstanding, every pilot of the A-10 is clear on the structural integrity of the airframe and brass balls are not a consideration of the ingrained instinct to trust the construction of the airframe, to trust the ability of said airframe to withstand a few hundred feet of concrete runway gear-up, and the certainty in each and every A-10 pilot that their aircraft will survive a landing without all three landing gear, without both engines running, with parts of the superstructure missing, and the air danceing through their hair, except the pilot will be wearing his flight helmet as he lands the thunderbolt. Just the facts please, about this magnificant close air support machine, and silly emotional exagerations are not called for.
sharon bias 1
Since this was an A-10, they probably got that bird fixed and up in the air again. Amazing planes.
sparkie624 1
I am confident it was repaired... Was not that much damage in all reality.


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