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Remotely Flown Cargo Plane Gets First Big Test From Reliable Robotics and FedEx

Reliable Robotics Corp. said Wednesday that it’s flown a small cargo plane on loan from FedEx Corp. without a human on board, a step toward the autonomous flight startup winning regulatory approval for its remote-pilot system. In coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, the 12-minute flight of the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan on Nov. 21 took off from and landed at Hollister Municipal Airport in Northern California. A remote pilot handled all the radio calls and monitored the plane… ( More...

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Dan Nelson 3
Military drones are doing this all over the world every day.
avionik99 2
The military has been flying drones for years now, why is the civilian side so far behind?
Different rules and regulations
bbabis 2
Baby steps. It's coming.
jbermo 1
The camel's nose soon to be under the tent.
No pilot, o pilot seat, no need for other controls in the cockpit equals more cargo or fuel that can be carried by these aircraft.
Dan Nelson 0
The military also has a unlimited budget to pay for all that it takes to fly remotely with the GPS satellite systems and support.
avionik99 2
Which only means they have done the most costly part of it.... R&D!!


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