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Delta Pilot Threatens to Shoot Captain Over Medical Diversion

Federal authorities in Utah have indicted a former Delta Air Lines pilot for allegedly trying to shoot his captain during a flight last year. Jonathan Dunn was indicted in a Utah District Court on October 18 for disrupting the crew's operations on a commercial flight. This incident, along with another one involving an Alaska Airlines pilot, signifies the importance of mental health in the aviation industry. ( More...

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KatzyBaby 42
"It is unknown what caused Dunn to misbehave while on duty." We need to stop sugar coating actions. He didn't 'misbehave', he committed a criminal act. Reporters need to use the right words. If a person lies, it needs to be reported as a lie, not an alternative fact or mistruth, it's a lie. Dunn is now an indicted criminal.
elressner 3
Since we're using the right words here ... yes, Dunn has been indicted, but he's not a criminal until he's been convicted.
mariofer 48
We have everything Taylor Swift does all over the news but an incident like this takes 14 months to be on the news. Sign of the times I guess.
Dave Mathes 14
mariofer 2
Right? LOL
Tim Dyck 1
Some Pop Tart that the kids listen to. I don’t pay attention to pop music so I can’t say what she has for music. I just know the kids think she is something special.
Dave Mathes 5 was a joke...
Tim Dyck 1
Yes I did laugh and spit out my coffee all over my lunch when I read it. I will be more careful next time I read your posts.
Jim Allen 11
Sad, it really is. Well, no one wants to break the illusion of security.
trentenjet 17
(Dunn used a firearm to assault and intimidate the flight's captain)

Brandishing a weapon Is a threat by action, Against the law, And all of his words added to the situation. Everything that happens in an airplane is a federal offense. Dunn will go to Prison just Watch. No airline will employ him in the future. Just his argument about the vaccine, he'll lose his medical.
Jim Allen 2
Then why is he still with the military in Europe? Read the post.
John Taylor 5
He's been relieved of duty and had his security clearance revoked. And he's not in Europe, he's in jail in the US. This guy will get the boot 100%.
trentenjet 9
The militar is waiting for the US court To take action, and then they will make judgment later.
Joe Keifer 15
Screening for mental health is simply a snapshot in time after which all bets are off. Does the airline industry have yellow flag or red flag rules where pilots can be taken off line when alerted by the pilot's coworkers or passenger assessment?
Randall Bursk 7
There are procedures in place to handle most operational concerns. I know how my crew would handle it. Whether you have people or Autonomous platform, there will be problems. Unrelated, I commuted using jumpseat privileges for 35 years. Missed only four trips. Time in the jumpseat, observed professional men and woman doing a great job. Made friends, career that I was proud to be part of. By the way, “Cockpit” termed use by Ben Franklin conducting meetings in rooms during congress. Best going forward.
Jim Allen 3
I’m all for jumpseat privileges for pilots and ATC. But the flight deck has to be secure. They jumped through a lot of hoops to harden it. No firearms on the flight deck I think is an acceptable rule. Stow it in a bin with remote access if need be.
Silent Bob 13
That’s pretty dumb don’t you think? The whole point of armed pilots is as a last resort defense against an intruder who may be trying to take control of the airplane. If heaven forbid that were to happen they should just call a time out and ask the attacker to wait while they go back and retrieve a weapon from a bin somewhere? Do people even stop for one second to think before they post stuff like this anymore?
Doug Parker 8
Waiting for ol’ fashioned common sense to return.
rob strong 4
So an armed pilot could eliminate the other pilot and then have free reign to do whatever with the aircraft and pax. Seems a bit dangerous.
Silent Bob 3
Couldn’t an “unarmed” pilot do the same thing? There are many ways to kill or incapacitate someone that don’t require any weapons, especially if they’re not expecting it and are not experienced in self defense.
Jim Allen 2
That's why the airlines want one pilot... 50/50 chance the one they kick off the flight deck will be the armed one :-) :-)
Peter McGrath 2
Ya know, I'll bet there was a whole bunch of people nodding their heads as, "Yeah, that's right!" after reading your reply! Sarcasm is lost to too many people now! LOL!!!
Jim Allen 9
Mental health or a breakdown in social norms that encourages people to put their own needs first without fear of repercussions? Yes, I know I’m generalizing. I’m thinking about these scenarios and they’re concerning simply because we’ve hardened the flight deck and both of these incidents have occurred within the hardened area. An air marshal, to the best of my knowledge, has no way onto a closed flight deck. Offer someone a privilege and at some point it will get taken advantage of. This isn’t a mental health issue, these people are aware of their actions and their impact. 1. No weapons on aircraft except by air marshals that are not on the flight deck. 2. No more jumpseats on the flight deck.
mariofer 17
100% agreed and we are seeing this all across society. Nothing but the consequences of past 30+ years of telling kids their wishes and needs are more important than anything else, regarding who is affected, and applauding "Outrage" when things don't go our way. I find that more and more people every day are incapable of dealing with adversity or discussing differences in a rational manner. Pretty sad indeed.
Dave Mathes 5
...I don't know Jim, sounds like you pretty much hit the rivet on the head with your opening sentence...
John Taylor 3
One person has criminally used the weapon since the program was implemented and now everyone wants to get rid of the gun. One guy tried to pull the T-handles so maybe we should removed the T-handles. And ask the survivors of the crash of United Airlines Flight 232 in Sioux City, Iowa on 19 July 1989 what they think of removing the jump seat.
drummist814 6
Jim Allen 3
Sorry I duped your post. He’s still active reserve? He went to the Supreme Court with some BS argument about the vaccine? Argue it’s an unknown, unproven substance and you shouldn’t have to have it in your system; valid argument. Him? Not that rational.
eyeguy2020 5
A little on the crazy side of normal!
Nooge -1
Most anti vaxers are
Mike Mohle 0
It was not a vaccine and did not prevent anything, that has now been established, it was just a shot.

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Jim Allen 0
Yeah, but give me a valid argument. How do you know it didn’t work? I didn’t see anything?
godutch 5
I've been vaxxed 3 times (stupidly). We were ASSURED we would not get Covid if vaxxed I STILL came down with it. Personal experience. Proof it doesn't work as we were told. FACT. Do you see it now? (Whether it contributed to my mild symptoms, I don't know, but I came down with the virus when it had mild symptoms anyway.
Tim Dyck 2
I only got the first two shots but then later got COVID. So I started questioning and researching which is hard because there are a lot of whackadoodle sites that make all kinds of claims but the bonafide sites like the CDC bury the raw data so it’s hard to dig through and compile the numbers. The numbers are there but for political reasons they are being suppressed which makes me question the CDC’s integrity. We should be able to trust these agencies to have our best interests at heart regardless of politics.
John Prukop -6
There is NO virus. Do your homework.
Bill Overdue -8
What you didn't see was any lives saved. Time after time, people who had tge shot became reinfected. Time after time those with 3 shots and a booster, died. Thousands around the world dropping dead from enlarged hearts! Wise up!
John Prukop -8
That's because it's a DARPA BIO-WEAPON.. the jabs that is. Myocarditis and blood clots galore.

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Jim Allen 8
I don’t believe it’s a place for political debate either and I don’t watch those shows. Here’s what I know., my family works with all special needs people, quite a few immuno compromised. Erring on the side of caution is not an inappropriate action.
godutch 9
I don't agree at all with your statement. Glad you stopped there. The argument is about REQUIRING others to take the vaccine...or lose your job. You totally miss the point... Take the damn thing and your family take it to. But don't push it on me by law, OR any other REQUIREment.
godutch 3
Sorry...mistyped. It should be: "I don't DISagree at all with your statement."
N Porcello 2
Hi Jim, we are not engadging in a political debate but a scientific one. Execs at Pfizer admitted that the mRNA vaccine that they devised did not prevent transmission of the disease. Here's a recent study from Northwestern University that showed that the amount of virus exhaled by fully vaccinated individuals was a high as those not vaccinated. Information like this is not easy to come by because Pfizer underwrites a lot media outlets and have they are acting in concert with the US government, WHO NIH to cover some very bad decision making:
Did you actually read the paper? It was published this September, but the data was collected from subjects between April 2020 and January 2022. In fact, the authors note that a limitation of the study is the small number (n=11) of subjects that were vaccinated, probably because those vaccinated don't present to the ED as frequently as unvaccinated individuals. Second, they can't say for sure if those vaccinated had been infected before they received the 1st dose. Third, comparing quantity of exhaled virus from early wild type infections to later variants may not be useful for any subjects. They identified the clade by viral genome sequencing in only 7 subjects.

Perhaps more importantly, these particular vaccines were not designed for prevention, but for protection of recipients from severe disease. If you want to believe the vaccines failed at that objective, go ahead and do so. But you do so either in ignorance and defiance of the facts.
Michael Dealey -1
Not designed for prevention? Then you'd have to at least be willing to admit that the media, the CDC, the WHO, Fauci, Biden, and politicians around the world, straight up lied to us for several months.

But the kicker is that Fauci and the CDC knew this before the shots were rolled out. The Pfizer clinical trail data (you know, the data they wanted to hide from the public until the year 2096) proves this. Pfizer also admitted in the EU parliament that they did no testing whatsoever to see if the vaccines prevented transmission.
Tim Dyck -3
When the vaccines first came out we were told they were 90+% effective at preventing COVID 19. Then we were told it didn’t doesn’t prevent it but it prevents people from getting sick and from passing it on. But vaccinated people were still getting sick and dying and they were passing it on. Then the Vaccine companies came clean and said that the vaccinated could pass it on but they stuck to the story that people won’t get as sick. I am not sure how those who died could possibly have gotten any sicker.
Tim Dyck 2
I also don’t like politics spilling onto this site but had to weigh in when people are posting misinformation. I normally tell people to take the politics to Facebook or X or whatever and stick to aviation on this site. I’m sure the lefties will call me a righty and the righties will call me a lefty but I don’t care because I think both sides are FUBARed. Most of us are in the middle and should stay there.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

John Prukop -1
You're exactly right, but you can tell by the down-votes, there are lots of brainwashed aviators of the liberal mindset who aren't thinking clearly and have been well-trained by their years of tel-a-lie-vision programming!
trentenjet -1
The vaccine is the main Cos for the pilot shortage all around the world.
Tim Dyck -2
I don’t buy into that theory. But Idid enough research to find that they are ineffective which means the pharmaceutical industry is just using fear of COVID19 as a cash cow. I was originally pro vaccine but T hey lied to us, so did a lot of politicians, and I don’t like being lied too.
John Prukop -3
The term "anti-vaxers" is a controlled opposition narrative created by the same people who invented the term "conspiracy theorist"... and it looks like you bnought into it!
Brent Bahler 1
Oh boy. The unvaccinated were the most likely to have died from Covid, both before and after the introduction of the vaccine. While no vaccine is 100 percent effective, the survival rate for those of us who got (and continue to get) vaccinated is a medical success story.
Tim Dyck 0
You’re wrong on that. 2022 comparisons between vaccinated and unvaccinated per 100,000 showed vaccinated at a higher rate to get COVID19, a higher rate to be hospitalized and even a higher death rate. This is from the CDC Site.
I was in favour of the vaccines when they came out because we were told they prevented COVID 19, I got the shots and then later caught COVID19 and started to question things. The deeperI I dug the worse things looked but the final evidence shows that the vaccines don’t work!
Also in your post you say the unvaccinated were more likely to die of COVID 19 both before and after the introduction of the vaccine. Before the introduction of the vaccine everyone was unvaccinated so you either unintentionally or intentionally skewed the numbers to try to prove your point. I use cases per 100,000 of vaccinated verse cases per 100,000 per unvaccinated to make a valid comparison. I also used CDC numbers instead of random sites that may be skewing numbers like you did even though it is difficult to navigate the CDC site to find raw data.
Michael Dealey -2
What universe are you living in and where do you get your information? Across the world, the data from nearly every health agency is showing that the more shots you receive, the more likely you are to get Covid, get it repeatedly, and end up in the ICU.
Bill Overdue -3
...except it still is an unknown and unproven substance!
John Prukop -6
It's KNOWN to be a DARPA BIO-WEAPON with Hyrodgel and Nanoparticles. But there is no virus and never has been. Read thebook "VIRUS MANIA"... you'll get it!
Michael Dealey -5
I'm not in the "no virus" camp entirely, but I can tell you that the entire pandemic was nothing more than a made-for-tv movie. All they did was reclassify every illness under the sun as "Covid" and The testing was a pre-planned fraud to convince everyone this was legit.

The flu was virtually eradicated in 2020-2021.
Doctors were coerced to list "Covid" as the cause of death for practically everything, even when it wasn't a contributing factor.

Did you die from a car accident, gun shot, cancer, heart attack, old age? Did you happen to test positive for Covid (even post mortem)? Then you were counted as a Covid death.
They told you they were doing this but in all the hysteria it was quickly forgotten.

This happened in every state and every hospital system, because the guidelines were handed down from the CDC.

Hospitals also got paid mega $$$ for every "case" they diagnosed.
they more money if the patient had to be admitted and/or put on a ventilator, and even more money when the patient died. They were financially incentivized to kill people.

You'll down-vote me now, but wait a couple of years. The class-action law suits should be glorious.
trentenjet 2
A couple years, the truth will be out in months.
trentenjet -4
It's an unknown Substance to the public. The evil people that created this poisoned no, exactly what it is.
"misbehaving" as the article says,is a far cry from pulling a gun on a fellow employee,particularly in the does not mention covid specifically,only that the armed do pilot disagreed with diverting due to a medical issue..the way the article is worded,it could have been his own medical issue..also the flight deck pilots who are armed,do not carry a gun on their is stowed for many reasons,and those individuals always identify themselves to the agents at the gate before they board,as well as any air marshalls that might be on the aircraft..this co pilot obviously had a "little voice" in his head tell him huhis actions were warranted..!
Jim Allen 2
Yet another reference:
Brian De Jong 2
Delta told me I didn’t fit their profile. I didn’t know that was an endorsement!😂😂
TWA55 2
What can you say, becoming more and more of a reason for me just to keep my feet on the ground.
You just have nowhere to go. We must have a better way of screening our inflight personel!
victorbravo77 3
Another link:
Brian Freeman 3
Society is creating more and more mental misfits everyday - and has been for the past 30+ years. Just like doctors, cops, priests, Congressman, etc., etc. Why would airline pilots be immune??
You'll be reading more and more of these types of stories as time goes on. Welcome to the continuing decline of American civilization.
uapilot 3
This is what rampant hiring of the wrong people gets you. When an airline lowers the bar to get warm bodies in the cockpit it gets the bottom of the barrel. Let’s not even start talking about favoring certain segments of society and therefore lowering that bar even more. You get what you hire and that bar needs to be high, period!
Jim Allen 2
See now, I’ll disagree with that. It’s the person. My daughters are both in the 25-30 range and are extremely diligent with a strong work ethic. The bar does need to be high.. Chris Rock did a joke about it… “Most of our pilots like to land” is just not good enough.
Gloria Johns 1
What "wrong people" are you referring to? Does this pilot belong to the "certain segments of society" you are referring to? Speak up, big boy!
terry gersdorf 2
Looks like he didnt want to miss his commuter flight home... when he finished this leg. Thats a career ender
Gloria Johns 2
Scares me to death that some of you are actually airline pilots.
ko25701 2
Wow, did the FO not remember that voice conversations in the cockpit are recorded?
I wonder how the pilot handled it and if he alerted the crew/company before landing?

Mental health is such a crisis now more than ever.
Jim Allen 12
Mental Health is a convenient excuse for reacting to not getting your way. I’d love some extra cash, why not rob a bank and claim a mental health issue? Or some other socioeconomic issue? I’m not downplaying mental health, it is really an issue. This isn’t mental health IMHO (I can’t really tell, I don’t have the entire story).. and I’m on medication for anxiety, I get it. This sounds like some a-hole that didn’t get his way and pulled a piece in a sterile environment.
John Taylor 2
Are you trying to say that this is "normal" behavior? Are you seriously suggesting that he pulled the gun because he didn't get his way and that is the action of a completely sane individual? This guy has nut job written all over him.
John Overton 1
ALWAYS wage a one man war against the terrorists from the ventilation ducts.
sparkie624 1
It takes all types... No reason in threats.
jbayter 1
¨Dunn told the Captain they would be shot multiple times if the Captain diverted the flight.". I ASSUME besides his words he pulled out the gun and because of that he got indicted. However, I don’t see where in this sentence he threatened the captain. Someone pour some light on me please.
preichny1 5
A threat to shoot any person or any threat to injure the person of another, is a felony and shall be punishable by a fine or imprisonment for not more than five years, or both.
Jim Allen 2
I agree.. I’d like more facts.
btweston 1
Geez I thought more weapons was the secret code.
John Taylor -1
Lame. Gun grabbers seem to have the same knee-jerk reaction every time. The first time in 21 years that a gun was used illegally in the cockpit and now it's the end of aviation as we know it. Explain how this is any worse than the guy who tried to pull the T-handles.
mimana 1
This is a serious case. Media publishes all kinds of stupid news and go berserk on Trump every move but a pilot on a commercial flights threatening to shot the captain in the Unites State is learned a year later.
Craig Good -3
Most stories are burying the fact that he's an anti-vaxxer. That right there tells you he doesn't belong in a cockpit.
Brian James 0
It's the guns!
Bill Overdue -1
Hmm, I wonder if this is really all about Dunn wanting gender reassignment surgery?
Michael Meyers -1
The only way to stop,a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. ALL flight crew should be armed!
respectfully sir..even law enforcement disagree with this idea..the old "shootout at the ok corral" just doesnt work, and real life is not like the tv shows or movies where a person just happens to pull out a weapon and not get shot themselves...
I guess being an unarmed victim is preferable?
Michael Dealey 1
You're living in a false reality, concocted by leftist media and skewed statistics.
Armed citizens stop active shooters far more often than you think. When's the last time you heard a news report about such an incident? Yeah, I can't remember either.

That's because the media, which is controlled by the people who want to disarm you, simply doesn't report those incidents -- that would contradict the narrative they're trying to sell.
John Taylor 0
I see you know nothing about guns and lawful gun owners. Stick to aviation matters.
Jim Quinn -3
Biggest hoax in our country's history and unfortunately made a huge black mark in our aviation, military and medical professions. Just my opinion; nothing more.
John Prukop 1
Yep, 9/11 WAS the biggest hoax! And NO planes hit the WTC Tower's OR the Pentagon and there weren't any box cutters. Hollywood scripts and CGI ruled the day!
John Taylor 2
And I suppose the CIA killed Kennedy and the moon landing was fake.
Michael Dealey -2
The former, along with several other disgruntled entities, is correct.
The latter is both correct and incorrect. We went to the moon but what we all saw on TV was a mix of reality and Hollywood.
WD Rseven -3
"Dunn told the Captain they would be shot multiple times if the Captain diverted the flight."

So, there was more than one captain? Or, is the writer dumb about grammar?
“Dunn threatened to shoot the captain multiple times if the flight was diverted.” See how easy that is?
Craig Good 1
No, you still left the basic ambiguity in the sentence. It probably should have been:

Dunn told the Captain multiple times that they would be shot if they diverted the flight.
Michael Dealey 2
"They" is now a 3rd person singular pronoun, or didn't you know? We can't be misgendering people.
Tom Sullivan 3
The writer is using pronouns. You can't call a male pilot "HE". Woke you know.
Michael Dealey 2
That's exactly what's going on.
orvlnet 2
Not sure what you all are confused about... "They" is used to describe the Captain because their identity has not been disclosed in the article, so it could have been a male or female pilot. Dunn was the First Officer...
WD Rseven 1
Craig Good 1
The ambiguity is if the threat happened multiple times or if there was a single threat of multiple shots. The former is most likely, so a charitable reading would go that way. If there were still copy editors the sentence could have been cleaned up.

The knuckle-draggers who want to complain about "they" as a pronoun in the sentence don't get to sit at the grownup's table.

There is no reasonable way to read the sentence as implying more than one captain.
Michael Dealey 1
The article never mentions how many people are in the cockpit. We can only assume there were two, since only the Captain and FO are mentioned.

Later in the article is another ambiguous statement:
"The indictment alleges that, on or about August 22, 2022, Dunn, the crew's First Officer, interfered with the performance of a crew member by using a dangerous weapon to assault and intimidate the Captain."

Who is the "crew member"? The Captain? Then why not say "Dunn, the crew's First Officer, interfered with Captain's performance by assaulting and intimidating him with a dangerous weapon"?

As written, it gives the impression that a third person may have been present, but we're not told.

So in context, "They" is ambiguous and/or grammatically incorrect without more information.

"Timmy and his mother were in the kitchen putting away dishes after lunch. Timmy was bored and wanted go outside to play. The mother told Timmy they could go".

Who went outside?
John Taylor 0
They/them is his apparent preferred pronouns...
What happened to the passenger? Any news/updates? I assume it was not life or death.
John Prukop 0
What will THEY think of next!

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

What??? People are people…
godutch 2
What's your solution to 'male rage' Linda???
Randall Bursk 2
Overall you’re right. Last century on a domestic Russian flight. Airline a month earlier, female passenger wearing a bomb downed an airplane. Women are more involved as we go forward.
Duane Mader 1
Totally off subject and bigoted remark. Say hi to your cats for me.
Jim Allen 0
:-) just as stereotypical but damn it is funny
msetera 1
I'll bet your real name is Karen.
John Taylor 1
What a sexist comment. I'll take toxic masculinity over monthly female hormonal rage any day.
rob strong -1
You are what's wrong with society today. I hope you aren't a teacher, kids already get enough of that.
Randy Barr -7
I have heard a supposition that these occurrences could possibly be vax rage, that the technology injected is affecting people mentally to more base reactions.
Michael Meyers -2
I wonder who he voted for in the last POTUS election?


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