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Does Coffee Taste Better When Flying? Alaska Airlines Is Betting Yes

Alaska Airlines has announced a new partnership with Stumptown Coffee. The partnership has resulted in a new coffee blend that Alaska claims tastes better in the sky. ( More...

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John Vencill 14
Years ago, I formulated a theory based on empirical evidence that coffee causes turbulence.
Rick Hein 2
Immediate mental image. Good one.
Kenneth Martin 3
I judge coffee by its taste. That depends on the water being used. Ask, does it come from a bulk supply like most airlines, or do they use bottled water? In 40 years of flying, I have never found a cup of coffee that suits my taste.
S C 1
the coffee on Virgin Airlines was always drinkable, actually tasty. I don't know their methods but it was consistent and stood out.
Bob Hallissy 1
I'd expect bottled water is too expensive, but even if using bottled water, such will be different (e.g. mineral content) between different sources -- for example the differences in bottled water from JNU vs that from SFO will affect the taste.
Stumptown was bought out by Peet’s a few years back. Still overpriced but beloved like many things here in Stumptown. May this decision bring the joy that a good cup can.
Steve Lalley 2
Their cold brew is the best.
It's all about the amount of jet fuel and hydraulic fluid intermixed in the coffee 8-)
Gary Berrian 2
It is all about the water. Water systems on aircraft depending on the age, are subject to many variables.
The water delivery method to the aircraft, large water tanks must be properly maintained, coffee pots and coffee makers are other items that may change the taste of your java. Coffee makers are plumbed into the galley and some have water filters incorporated. You can't use bottled water with this equipment as it is isolated to the galley.
A taste test between Airlines would give a good sample size of data for the best tasting coffee.
I'm tired of articles that require a subscription i order to read. Flightaware should prohibit them!
Rick Hein 2
Not exactly correct. You could turn off your ad blocker. But, like you, I bailed out when that "So, here's the thing" window popped up.
Nooge 1
Alaska is betting on Coffee yes ....mushrooms no
Philip Speet 1
In a word: No!
Fred Rosa 1
Does anyone else remember the Russian Samovars at the back of Alaska Airlines planes in the very early 1970's? I doubt they were actually used, but when you boarded an Alaska Airlines plane in SEA bound for ANC, you knew you were heading for an interesting destination!
Kikutwo 1
Dunno but sometimes the Illy on United in pretty good.
i beg to differ...first and foremost,the airlines use what is called "potable water", and not bottled water to make their coffee and tea..secondly,the coffee pots,although supposedly clean and right of the catering truck,are not brand spanking new,but reused,just as your coffee pots or even your Kuerig unit at home..the coffee used is not freshly ground beans on the plane,but packaged coffee,all of which is bought in bulk and provided by whomever does the catering for a particualr airline..NONE of it is like the hyped up tase of starbucks or the like,and the packaged creamers or the cream provided for in a little pouring jug,is just the regular stuff as well!!
John Taylor 1
Potable simply means "fit to drink". It's not a type.
there IS a difference john taylor..potable water means its NOT bottled and brought to the airplane in big old eureka water coolers,and its separate from the actual bottled water that is served if requested from the plastic bottles put on by big deal so why "correct" someone? i worked a lof ot years for an airline and i am pretty familiar with a lot of things..hope you are having a good day..
Ralph Wigzell 0
Talking about coffee on flights, depending on the departure airport of course, I prefer to buy a triple shot Vente latte in the terminal itself just prior to boarding and take it on board for consumption.
Dare kola 0
Will can knew the taste of the cofee by its taste to knew that it's though every one knew it satisfaction


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