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Aviation jobs in high demand in East Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - There is a large need for more people to go into aviation and it’s not just pilots. Leaders in Blount County said they need aviation mechanics and maintenance technicians the most. WVLT found out how the county is working to fill these positions. Patty Thomas is the Career Technical Director for Alcoa City Schools. She said a student came to her interested in an aviation career. “That instance led me to ask, ‘We’re this close to the airport as a school district less… ( More...

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long ago and far away (the 1970-1990's range),jobs in the aviation industry,specifically the large airlines,were in great demand..the airlines were very "picky" about education,training,ability to deal with the public,and yes,appearance..mechanics often switched airlines without any problems,ground service (rampers)were hired frequently by referral,agents by education ,appearance and experience,flight attendants mostly by appearance,and pilots by strict qualifications..personnel recruiters for the airlines were pretty strict on weight,appearance and education,and would write you off if you happened to be just a bit off on such things as they had many applicants from which to it seems as as though the airlines,big and small, are truly hurting for people,and advertising/recruitng a lot!
Aviation jobs are in high demand everywhere. I read where there are close to 25,000 jobs posted, just this week.
Sam Negrete 2
That's a good point.

sparkie624 4
They are in High Demand Everywhere... But the Wages need to go up as well.
they over pay the pilots and give the mechanics the scraps.The mechanics has to be away from his family on week ends holidays and nights and has yearly continued education and signs off airplains and that is a big responsibility in its self.High stress but no body gives the credit or realized when that airplane was ready to go in the morning it was due to the mechanics up all night trouble shooting replacing tires and breaks engine and apu servicing service check inspections and the list goes on and on.and some times workig an airplane that is out of service to have it ready to go on the morning flight on time.The A&P mechanic gets screwed over and not recognized for it.The PIlot has to be there to fly the plane the mechanic has to be there to sign the airplane airworthy ness off that the airplane can go flying.So the pay is bad and takes 10 years to top off at a figure way way below pilot pay.Mecahics are continuesly harrased by management to hury and sign off the plane.And when the mechanic reports a saftey of flight problem mangement makes up things that they usually condone such as having one mechanic verify a dispatch deviation procedure guide while another one signs it off to get there airplane fling which legally is falsification you cannot have another mechanic check and take his word you must verify it your self before signing it off.Its a rough dirty and unjust job an A&P mechanic.Mangement couldnt care less there made fun off and nick named grease monkey.Where as a pilot is looked up to.The majority of pilots look up to the mechanics and appreciate them and want to see them be better compensated for what they do.But over the years management has given the mechanics such a bad rap.And now all these companys are paying for all there years of disrespect and un appreciation and lowball pay.Most mechanics wanted out of it after they go into it its very high stress and unforgiving.Here is what and Aircraft mechanic puts up with:
M20ExecDriver 2
It's like apartment houses, too many vacancies, rents are too high, no vacancies, rents are too low.
Same with jobs, too many applicants, wages are too high, not enough applicants, wages too low. Economics 101
sparkie624 1
The problem now days is with the Pandemic and so many people having to stay home, they got used to it and did not want to go back... I think Rents are artificially High, but you have a good point, Cost of Home Purchase is way up as well... Price vs Demand!
Bill Ross 2
We're starting one here in Traverse City, Mi
Mary Lawing 1
My son graduated with his license and his ratings in 2013. He moved home and worked PT jobs while he got his CFI & CFII while his dad paid for his training. Another student crashed the only plane that met requirements at this school for CFII training so he had to move to another city to finish his flight training. Now he had to work every day to pay rent & expenses, while his dad paid for training. Once he creceived his certification, he couldn't make enough money to pay expenses as a CFII since the pay is so inconsistent. Without the 1500 hours needed for a pilot job with good, consistent, he took a surveyor/pilot job and only logged about 400 hours of time in 1.5 years. At this job, he spent his entire week away from home and his family and also had to do dangerous work surveying the roofs of commercial buildings. He quit this job last month after they changed his contract to hourly pay instead of a yearly contract pay. He is discouraged because he is not getting calls from companies where he is applying. He is doing some flight instruction, but it is hit or miss. He is also getting some multi-engine hours, but that is very expensive. Being at 1100-1400 hour range really sucks.


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