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US Marshals Service to purchase Boeing 737 jet for prisoner transport

The U.S. Marshals Service has issued a solicitation for the purchase of one large transport category Boeing aircraft to fulfill its mission to transport federal detainees and prisoners in a cost-effective manner, without sacrificing the safety of the public, federal employees, or those in USMS custody. ( More...

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Tk Ldr 16
Con Air, here we go.
Mark Pozsonyi 5
Came here to say this.
Neil49 8
Yes, probably to be based at Joint Base Andrews, in preparation for an expected high demand for transfers.
matt jensen 3
Nope OKC
hal pushpak 3
Ha!Good one!
lynx318 1
Thinking same
matt jensen 0
That was a C130
N204TA 4
The movie featured a C-123 Provider
lynx318 2
The notion is the important bit, not the aircraft model.
terry gersdorf 7
I use to do Con Air flights years ago part time as a flight attendant. Our Company provided the 737 pilots and cabin crew. All we would do is sit in the back open and close the doors and be there in case of an emergency evacuation. Got paid $300 a day Plus commercial airfare to get back home.
aknorris 6
Didn't they see that movie with Tommy Lee Jones? Maybe they should stick with coach buses....
Peter Fuller 10
This is just a fleet renewal: reading the article reveals that they presently operate four 737s. This procurement would replace an old 737-400 with a -700 or -800. But, yeah, that’s an entertaining movie
Glen Phariss 4
I haven't seen any data on actual usage, but it surprises me that they need to carry that many people from one point to another. Seems like something smaller and less expensive to operate would make more sense. Perhaps a regional jet.
wmstapp 2
This is the US Federal government we’re talking about… since when have they ever been practical or economical?! They are the epitome of excesses, bloat and irrational spending. I mean, they just added 80k+ more IRS agents to be able to get more money from us for their excessive spending. Did you know, the Federal government is the largest employer in the US by far… think about that- insane.
Rail is cheaper and cage the cars
AWAAlum 1
But is it though? I've done some price comparisons in the past and often it's cheaper to fly than go by rail. I was shocked.
Tom Winsemius 1
My guess is that the crash at the end of Silver Streak removed all doubt about the security of rail transport. Maybe not a convict movie, but close enough.
Harry Palmer 3
Is this Justified?
boughbw 4
"Alien" appears to be one category. It may be easier, safer, and cost effective to deport aliens this way than any other.
George Bean 2
If the Marshall Service waits for a year or so, a 757 might be available while one of its prisoners is doing 5-10 for election tampering.
AWAAlum 2
In a perfect world.
Huck Finn 2
How about using C130? If they are good enough for our troops then hauling prisoners is okay by me.
James Simms 1
Not enough distance or barriers from the cargo area to the cockpit, I’ve ridden in a few. Plus any surplus C-130’s have been rode hard & put away wet…
Michelle Nee 2
Welcome to “Con Air”!
Bill Overdue 3
Just use a tractor trailer cattle hauler, it cheaper than air or rail!
James Simms 1
Experienced those @ Ft. Knox & Ft. Riley going to/from ranges, etc… Nuts to butts, make your buddy smile, & by all means; don’t fart……..
Nooge 0
You were Overdue for the usual what is on the floor of a cattle hauler
john kornblee 2
I think we are the ones who a getting taken for a ride on this deal
Peter Fuller 3
They’re looking to trade in an old 737-400 (which would now be 23 to 36 years old) for a used but newer -700 or -800, cost estimate $26.5 million. Perhaps better to trade up than sink money into maintaining the -400
AWAAlum 2
It's genuinely a shame this site has become the go-to for people to spew their anti-government, political angst, rather than discussing the aviatiion issues being brought to our attention. It was once a fine and mentally stimulating place to exchange thoughts and ideas about the posted topic.
Peter Fuller 2
Sadly, that is so true. Also, many post comments that show they haven’t bothered to actually read the squawked articles that they’re so eager to chime in on.

To AWAAlum: I have wonderful memories of honeymoon trip to Hawaii, on America West, back when they flew the 747 between PHX and HNL
AWAAlum 1
So nice to hear. I have many fond memories of AWA and my years there. Are you in Phx?
Peter Fuller 1
No, I’m in Bos area: neglected to mention the BOS-PHX leg, America West 757
George Bean 1
here here!
linbb 2
So they are not having private aircraft do it any more? Was common to do not long ago knew of a person who did it quite often. And oh yes it was not in a large commercial aircraft either.
btweston 4
From the

“On August 20, 1985, the U.S. Marshals Service acquired its first Boeing 727 used for prisoner transportation.”
Sean Awning 4
Gulfstream IV or V?
Did they get the optional bars in the windows?
matt jensen 1
What? They ran out of seized narco a/c
John Day 1
It’s called Escape Force One.
Matt Lacey 1
DOJ 737-400s go through EFD regularly - sometimes multiple flights a week. They are clearly marked DOJ on FA.
The USMS is a bureau within the U.S. Department of Justice, operating under the direction of the attorney general, BUT serves as the enforcement arm of the U.S. FEDERAL COURTS to ensure the effective operation of the judiciary and the integrity of the Constitution.
Andy Cruickshank -4
Trumps 757 may be available soon
Huck Finn 6
Very funny! How about we take Air Force One back from ‘the big guy’ and put Biden in Florence ADX?
matt jensen 5
Deutschebank has first dibs
JohnBlosser 7
are they using it to transport Hunter and the Pedo to prison?
lfilipov747 4
Hopefully them and all the other criminal politicians to Gitmo
Nooge 1
I wish Jack Smith was planning on sending all criminal politicians to Gitmo
wmstapp 3
No… looks like they’re trying to close Gitmo. The Biden admin quietly sent out a letter to all the 911 families informing them that they were moving to commute all the death sentences for the big terrorist bosses in Gitmo to life sentences. Deplorable move IMO but on par for an administration that more and more every day it seems hates America, the majority of its citizens and everything it stands for.
George Bean 2
It's a smart move on Biden's part. If those people are executed every Middle East terrorist group will start a campaign of executing Americans when & where they find us.In many ways life in prison is as bad or worse than execution.
Bill Overdue 0
He would be the 1st in line ...
George Bean 1
After conversion for prisoner transport including removing seats, the 700 might not have enough seating to carry Trump & all his co-conspirators!
George Bean 0
Leander Williams -3
Trump demanded to be transported first class.
Bill Overdue -2
Any ideas on the annual cost of this humanitarian "endeavor? Was going to suggest just buying a train but since Boot Edge Edge says 2,000+ derailments a year are "normal", probably not a good idea. We spend $475,000,000,000 on illegals every year and $550,000,000,000 on PP abortions... what's another tax payer funded plane gonna do?


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