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Now Boarding: Why is boarding an airplane so difficult?

On this episode of “Now Boarding,” Leslie and Erin discuss why airplane boarding can be so complicated and what airlines are doing to make it faster. They talk to Steve Goldberg, Southwest Airlines senior vice president, operations and hospitality, about the carrier’s unique boarding process and its experiments to make boarding more efficient. They also speak to Kerry Philipovitch, former senior vice president of customer experience at American Airlines , about the reasons behind all the… ( More...

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Charlie Roberts 4
The idea of boarding by groups was never truly thought out. In my opinion, it should go (single aisle aircraft):
First Class boards
Group 1 is everyone seated at a window, aft of the exit rows
Group 2 is everyone seated at a window, exit rows and forward
Group 3 is everyone seated in the middle seat, aft of the exit rows
Group 4 is everyone seated inthe middle seat, exit rows and forward
Group 5 is everyone in the aisle seats, aft of the exit rows
Group 6 is everyone in the aisle seats, exit rows and forward

I know this would have to be modified for twin-aisle aircraft, or addition of groups, but the current method is the equivalent of herding cats.
paul trubits 2
There has been a lot time and $$$ spent on this problem. Just like missing socks and Tupperware lids it appears that this will never be solved
Ed Andrade 1
While I understand where you are coming from with this and what you are trying to accomplish, this would be a real issue for families with kids, especially young kids.
paul trubits 1
SWA is now allowing families with kids to board early, but they have to sit in the back.

srobak 1
Wasn't this solved in a Mythbusters episode a long time ago - much in this same fashion? Why haven't the airlines implemented this yet?
Chris B 1
List this hasn’t gotten enough column inches in the ast


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