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Textron Aviation launches the Citation Ascend business jet

Textron Aviation anticipated the opening of EBACE 2023 in Geneva and unveiled the Citation Ascend, an upgrade of the 560XL (Excel) business jet. The Ascend can carry up to 12 passengers in a more spacious cabin with larger windows and a flat floor. The jet can cover a distance of 1,900 nautical miles (3,519 km) at a cruising speed of 441 knots (817 km/h) with four passengers aboard. ( More...

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MrTommy 2
Nice looking ride . . .
Christoff du plessis 1
Nose of a phenom

John Nichols 1
What is the range with 12 sob. Gorgeous looking jet...straight gear? No more trailing link ACE landings?
SmittySmithsonite 1
Gorgeous!! Too bad it exceeds my budget by several million ... :D
Tflys1 1
Single pilot?


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