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UPS downshifts flight activity as volumes deteriorate

UPS Airlines is adjusting to the demand decline to reduce wasteful flying. ( More...

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Joe Keifer 3
We used to set our watches while waiting for the transit bus as the first UPS flight landing at Dulles using 01C. They were as good as railroad time.
bentwing60 2
Uhhmmm, best economy ever!
Mark Randall 1
cant read article because a ad pops up in front of article. Clean this up
SkyAware123 1
Great indicator of a declining economy. Thanks creepy joe.
DavidJayne 0
That's good to hear - we are often woken late at night or early mornings by UPS flights setting up for their approach to Cologne/Bonn - speed brakes in, flaps out, in a banking curve, which together make a thunderous roar.
Bob Wilson 3
I never had to use drag devices to descend into CGN because of their CDA approaches and their well trained ATC issuing clearances in a timely manner to easily comply with them in order to keep noise and drag devices to a minimum. Operators are subject to stiff penalties setting off noise detectors around the airport and threat of loss of access if it continues.
JohnTrolinger 4
If you don't like airplanes then why live near the airport?
I live across the lake from a railroad crossing. I don't really hear it any more. It's background noise now. I'd love to switch that noise out for a the thundering jets!!!!
srobak 2
You choose to live near an airport, and ups is not the only inbound at that time.
Edward Bardes 1
Did they choose where they live?
David Beattie 5
With the exception of prison, you have a choice.
He's got a point there!


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