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Hawaiian Airlines Grounds Five A321neo Jets Amid Engine Supply Woes

HONOLULU, HAWAII — Hawaiian Airlines has been forced to ground five of its 18 Airbus A321neo planes due to engine supply chain problems impacting customers of Pratt & Whitney's PW1100G engines. ( More...

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Chris B 8
Pratt and whitney have a real problem with repairs taking months not weeks.
mbrews 7
From the article : "Almost 12% of the global PW1100G-powered A320neo-family fleet is currently in storage. Though not all are stored due to engine-related issues, it is worth noting that the storage rate for GTF-powered jets is three times higher than that of the competing CFM International Leap-1A <powered> fleet.
paul gilpin 5
from the article:
yeah, it really sucks when you are forced to fly a widebody from stateside to hawaii instead of the luxurious narrow body 320 series.
Brian Chandler -1
Darn, i just hate it when Airbus takes an L.



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