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Delta Air Lines Buys Sustainable Aviation Fuel For Los Angeles Hub

Delta Air Lines has purchased up to 10 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel for use at its hub at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). ( More...

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Valerie Scott 7
I guess this a step in the right direction - but my understanding is that the production of bio fuels( especially ethanol) typical produce more green house gases than standard hydro carbons.
Barry Morse 1
The article isn't long, and it answers your assumption about GHG in the production of biofuels (80% reduction from traditional jet fuel production).
Stephen Leftly 2
You need to read the article carefully, very carefully as the wording is very misleading.

What it says is "the production process can produce up to 80% fewer carbon emissions than traditional jet fuel". The key word is "production". It says nothing about the CO2 emitted in use or the land area used to grow the material that goes into the production process or what it takes to grow the material.

The real problem is that there simply no way of scaling this up to be anything more than a rounding error. We run out of land before that ....if we want humans to actually have food for people to eat.

THe only way that the aviation industry is going to get anywhere near zero carbon is via direct air capture (DAC) where the cO2 is removed from the atmosphere. The problem with DAC is that we really don't know how to do it commercially today.

To get to zero carbon, or anywhere near it, a LOT of work needs to be done....and sadly it is not getting done at anything close to the rate it needs to.
Tom Bruce 6
how much does it cost to make? how much energy does it take? where does that energy come from? what products are used to distill/refine it? will it really save on anything??? think that's what D Purtz was asking?
Derek Vaughn 1
Only few seem to know.
Ron Slater 3
I bet that purchase wasn't cheap
John Taylor 4
The article sounds like it was a collaboration of Jennifer Granholm and CARB. From what I could find, this stuff is made of biomass waste products. Just how sustainable is that? My experience with biomass fuels was our diesel de-icer trucks that the USAF mandated use biofuels. The fuel line to the pony motor would freeze solid in the winter when it was needed and the trucks became useless. We had to get a waiver to use real diesel fuel for our de-icers. This is just another pie in the sky (no pun intended) green weenie fever dream nonsense. When the rest of the world still burning coal like it's going out of style starts cleaning up their carbon emissions, then I might start to believe this crap is needed.
Michael Dealey 2
Yep. Granholm is calling for an all-electric military vehicle fleet by 2030. Does that include tanks? How are you gonna charge the batteries in a combat zone? With a gas generator?
these people are insane.
Bill Eger 2
Typical California BS. This is nothing more than a PR stunt.
David Purtz 1
Can someone with the expertise do the calculations to verify the carbon inputs, monetary costs and lost opportunity costs to produce the fuel is less than conventional aviation fuel?

And is this SAF fuel 100% proven to be safe to use?
Rollin Rising 3
David, the name "SAF" gets used a lot in articles like this but often they don't really explain what that really means. This article states the following:
"SAF can be delivered to airports with existing fuel infrastructure because it counts as "drop-in fuel" according to ASTM.
"SAF can be blended with traditional jet fuel and up to 50% of the combination can be used in current aircraft engines."
This is more than is often mentioned.
Traditional Jet A (hydrocarbon based) is manufactured per ASTM D1655. SAF (synthetic based) is manufactured to ASTM D7566. Per the ASTM fuel specs, fuel that meets D7566 can be mixed with ASTM D1655 fuel up to 50% and re-identified as Jet A per ASTM D1655.
The FAA has issued SAIB) NE-11-56R2 that provides a few more details on this.
David Beattie 3
If you read any industry magazine, there are many articles about SAF. It is well tested on big corporate jets and airliners. I know UA has done testing with it. There is nothing sacred about jet fuel (kerosene). Turbines will run on just about any flammable liquid. My PT-6 will run on any grade jet fuel or aviation gasoline. The only additive to jet fuel is anti freeze/biocide which is mixed in AFTER the refining process.
paul gilpin -1
this fuel is 100% guaranteed to bankrupt all present refinery operators and fossil fuel producers. these will be replaced by fuel producers goldman sachs, jp morgan, blackrock, and any other ESG approved wall street bank.
jamie dimon & larry fink approved this comment.
darjr26 1
Let’s hope it bankrupts Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Russia and Venezuela.
Ken Bravogel 1
The United States is already there, financially & morally.


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