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Air Mobility Command Removes Tail Numbers and Unit Info from Planes, Alarming Watchdogs

Air Mobility Command has directed its refueling and cargo planes to obscure the majority of identifying information painted on the aircraft, citing national security concerns -- an unusual move that is alarming to government watchdogs. James Stewart, a spokesman for Air Mobility Command, told in an emailed statement that airmen's missions take them around the globe and often involve sensitive movements of cargo -- the main reason behind the change. ( More...

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William Ableman 1
I was a C-141 Flight Engineer in the 80s, with this change how are the crews going to know which aircraft they are to take. The Engineers are the first out to the aircraft to do a preflight. We can verify it with the paperwork, but it would be tedious to go in each aircraft on the line to check which aircraft we're going to use. Back then, they didn't have any parking I.D. numbers on the ramp. Do they have them now?
John L. Sullivan 2
As long as the crews and maintenance can find the correct aircraft ............
Bill Eger 2
It’s the AMC 4Star’s prep for WW3.
Jim Welch 2
SOP for select, sensitive operations.
Always has been, & will be.
John Taylor 2
So regular cattle runs are select, sensitive operations now? Man, do I long for the days of SAC.
D Rotten 3
This is just another piece that will play into the FAKE 'Space Alien Invasion', upcoming, PsyOp! Hang on to your seats!'s gonna be a DOOZY!! lolol
Mark Strawn 4
It will just make it harder for people to find out what's going where, especially when they change their callsign enroute.
Larry Toler 9
The article states no one is hanging out by the runways with cameras anymore. I guess he's never been to RAF Mildenhall or RAF Lakenheath.
When I first came in MAC aircraft was painted in the Euro 1 livery. The American flag, MAC, and tail number was the only thing on the tail. The unit number was at the front and that was it. When we changed to AMC that's when they added the aircraft's assigned base to the tail and changed to an all gray livery. At least keep the tail number.
If AMC is doing it, then ACC may as well do it. And go back to removing any nose art on all aircraft. That would be a great morale booster, not.
Jim DeTour 2
Kind of funny. If they want to know what's happening maybe they ought to join the army and wonder where their bags are going when it's a standby to go hehehe. Germany was good for if you want to see a spy from the east just look around the Frankfurt airport fence.
Paul Reece 6
With the cameras that are available you can pick a number up from miles away. Make that they have to get up close like do with the ships.
Stan Coleman 3
Lets wait and see. All too often yesterdays conspiracy theory is todays truth.
Valerie Scott 1
name one....
srobak 1
"all kc-135s are grounded because of tail pins!"
John Taylor 2
Russia, Russia, Russia. Or perhaps the lab leak?
sparkie624 9
Security is paramount... We have to protect our Service men
srobak 0
this does nothing to accomplish that

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Roy Hunte -7
Those watch puppies are always barking up the wrong tree anyhow.


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