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Pilots Are Frustrated With Airlines, Too, and Are Seeking Better Pay and Schedules

Contract talks between the biggest U.S. carriers and their pilots’ unions have turned acrimonious in recent weeks, with pilots saying the summer disruptions have left them as frustrated as passengers. Airline employees have been picketing at airports for months. The board of the Allied Pilots Association, which represents pilots at American Airlines Group Inc., ( More...

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Chris Muncy 4
JFC Tom! Come on. If you are going to share, please share a non-paywalled link.
Neil49 3
I've long wondered why certain news outlets can't or won't allow articles linked to by a third party to be read free. It would allow exposure to unsubscribed readers who might actually like what they experience and decide to subscribe. Almost like free advertising, and the cost to the provider would presumably be minimal, even with an expected low result of new subscriptions.

Seems short-sighted to me, but not a surprising approach from the corporate world.
John David 2
I could not agree more with Chris's sentiment! And that goes for most of the folks who post links here.

Stop wasting our time with these click bait links.
At least post them with a comment that they are for subscribers to these sites.

It's gotten to the point that I rarely bother to any more and then when I do,
this crap happens again & again!
Larry Toler 1
I just want to read one article. A little off topic, but Atlanta Journal-Constitution just shut their printing presses down in Gwinnett County and I have to pay a higher subscription fee to read articles about local stuff and Delta Airlines? LOL, plus when I'm sitting on the toilet to read the Sunday Funnies and telling my wife and kids to use the other bathroom, I'm busy... I'm joking, but I miss actually holding a newspaper. These news reports I would like to read and get hit with a pay wall really sucks.


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