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'Acquit me,' Russian MH17 suspect tells Dutch judges

A Russian suspect accused of downing Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 told Dutch judges on Friday he had "nothing to do with the disaster", as the long-running trial concluded. Oleg Pulatov is one of four men on trial in absentia for shooting down the jetliner in July 2014 as it passed over war-torn eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers on board. The trial is being held in the Netherlands as the Boeing 777 was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and most of the victims were Dutch.… ( More...

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lynx318 4
Article has no details, so all it says is he denies doing it. Telling us nothing other than his attitude.
Юрий Малик 2
Путін Хуйло!
Ron Streetenberger 3
My keyboard will not allow me to reply.
AWAAlum 3
Why would you post that? It's nothing to do with the article.
Ron Nash -7
So just one guy knows more about the MH17 crash details than the hundreds of International expert crash investigators, who have examined every detail of the crashed aircraft?
Kevin (and I doubt that's your real name), you are an execrable piece of human being, intent on supporting a ruthless, murderous, thieving regime, which is intent on carrying out genocide on the Ukrainian nation, without regard to any human life that gets in the way of that regimes aims.
I wish you a miserable life filled with tragedy and loss, as Karma for the evil you propagate.
Jeff Swope -5
Ron likely wrote this angry tome from his Covid cell, not realizing his Chinese masters had authorized his release. Perhaps it’s more comfortable than his grandmother’s basement?

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godutch 17
Kevin, I hope you: 1. Don't have access to firearms, 2. Are not a conservative...cos you embarrass us, and 3. Get medical help for your neurosis.
Greg S 14
This is the response of someone who is paid to lie.
tpmorrow 5
Kevin is a Russian bot; he also posted intentionally stupid comments in last week's newsletter; just ignore him/it.
Etienne Daniels 4
Why don't you fly to the Netherlands and explain the court and families dear Kevin
bentwing60 2
a tree falls in the forest!
lynx318 2
Can someone remove this troll please?
godutch -7
...anyway, 2014 is when Obama was licking Putin's boots - I can't see your scenario from a US perspective. Tin foil hat time!
tpmorrow -4
The only boot-licking US president that I'm aware of is Trump.
godutch 8
...and add Crimea invasion and Donbass incursions into Ukraine to that boot-licking. If it is SO IMPORTANT for the U.S. to stop Putin now from invading another counntry, why didn't Obama do it in 2014??? Answer me that tpmorrow???
Michael Dealey -5
Because the Obama/Hillary regime planned the invasion. The US conducted a coup d'etat in Ukraine in 2014. We have recordings of Victoria Nuland discussing who they wanted to install as the new leadership after toppling the democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych.

Kevin is more correct than any of you think. Better brush up on Ukrainian history, started right after WWII - and stay away from Wikipedia and Google for your research.

You people who think Russia is the actual aggressor in this conflict are just repeating media propaganda, as usual. No, Russia and Putin are no saints either, but Ukraine is nothing but a puppet nation of deep-state - has been for decades.

Have any of you figured out the true significance of Hunter Biden's laptop?
Have any of you figured out the connection between:

Hunter Biden,
46 Biolabs (now admitted to by the pentagon) run by the US DoD

and the sons of:
Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, John Kerry, and of course, Biden?

Keep flying your virtual-signaling Ukrainian flags.
They ain't flying any American flags over there. You can be sure of that.

Really, people. Quit getting your news from the TV.
Kevin Keswick -4
Great post Michael! I'm happy to see that I am not the only one on this forum who understands what is happening in Ukraine. You have obviously done your homework! It's just sad that so many other's are completely brainwashed by the mainstream media (36 downvotes for my post!). The ONLY person's in mainstream media reporting the TRUTH about Ukraine is Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham (for the most part). Otherwise I get my information from alternative news websites.
Michael Dealey 0
Yeah, well. Four months ago on this same forum when I told everyone there were neo-nazis in Ukraine, everyone said I was nuts. Now it's been acknowledged by the media. Funny thing is, it was acknowledged by the media for years until this conflict started, and then it suddenly became a conspiracy theory.
AWAAlum 1
So, what, now you DO believe main stream media? lololol. you guys are hysterical.
rbt schaffer 1
tRumpers (neo-nazis)right here in USA... Trying to overthrow US government...
godutch -1
President Obama: "On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space."

President Medvedev: "Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…"

President Obama: "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."

President Medvedev: "I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you."
tpmorrow -6
OK, so you're a MAGA nutcase. Who cares?
Jeff Swope 3
Can’t refute his argument, so you start insulting him. Grade school fascist…
godutch 1
How's your gas prices tpmorrow? Been to the grocery lately? You one of those liberal-leftists who, totally broke and standing in a Biden soup line, would still be complaining about MAGA/Trump. It's a sickness...
godutch -4
I hate Trump...he's a bigmouth ahole. But HIS ADMINISTRATION was the best administration ever for this country. Good luck with slo-Joe...He's a REAL winner. Answer my question above? ^
tpmorrow -2
OK, so you're a nutcase. Who cares?
godutch -5
Typical, uneducated liberal response...when you can't back up your comments or debate without being an ahole, you go negative.
tpmorrow 3
You're negative. And I'm not uneducated. Nor 'liberal', whatever that means in your myopic little world; it's just a word ignoramuses like you use because it's a convenient label. And oh so American. But let's just drop this; you started it with your juvenile comment about Obama, and the boot licking adjective, which tells me everything I need to know about you. It's you who should get out of your county, not to mention country, every once in a while, and see the world. I won't respond after this, so save your keystrokes.
Ron Streetenberger -1
You are the poster child for keeping our second amendment.


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