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The TSA Just Saw Its 3rd Busiest Day Since COVID-19 Began

The TSA Just Saw Its 3rd Busiest Day Since COVID-19 Began ( More...

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Kathleen Gillis 1
This is not likely to last if higher fuel costs increase airline ticket prices.
MSU Sparty -7
Fauci and Wallensky are deeply troubled by this. It means their dictatorial control of people is finally coming to an end after all the devastation these two created.
Fran Moreno-Randle 0
Unfortunately, Dr F. just had to get into the news again today.

It is reported:
"Over the next few weeks, the U.S. should expect an increase in cases from the BA.2 variant, Dr. Anthony Fauci told ABC News, but it may not lead to as severe a surge in hospitalizations or deaths....
Taken together, it's why Fauci and other experts, including CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, have increasingly predicted that elderly people will need a second booster shot soon. The Food and Drug Administration began reviewing data from Pfizer on the safety and efficacy this week, and its advisory panel will debate if and when the additional booster shot is necessary in the coming weeks....
A resurgence of cases could also mean Americans are asked to wear masks again, which Fauci predicted would be an uphill battle."

I did find it interesting how Coivd was a non-news issue once in recent weeks.
SkyAware123 -2
Ofcourse, they now have Putin to blame for everything. Although I am wondering how they will spin hunter biden's laptop to putin..?


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