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Frontier Airlines Encounters Operational Meltdown After Merger Announcement

Frontier Airlines has been drawing attention recently. On the same day they announced their major merger with rival ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines, the Denver-based carrier encountered an operational meltdown that caused delays and cancellations across the nation. ( More...

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mbrews 32
Expect this advert slogan post-merger :

" Fly with us and experience the Frontier Spirit "
Frank Harvey 15
If it hasn't already been done, maybe you could patent/copyright it and charge them royalties to use it.
Roy Hunte 6
He better work fast before someone else does.:D
Mark Kortum 7
Some ad consulting agency would have received $2 million to come up with that slogan.
alex hidveghy 3
It’s a whole different animal!
racinron 27
I hear the new name will be Fearit
or Spit
Robin Dreymer 2
Now that’s funny.
Robert Mack 1
that's even "gooder"!!! LOL
radu28 18
Another sensationalist headline. What's the merger got to do with the meltdown? Really disappointing to see that even in specialised magazines. I'm no customer of either and have no interest, but I'm craving for a truly neutral and level-headed press, not trying to make a kill from even the most unworthy piece of news.
strickerje 5
It seems the only connection is they happened the same day. I concur the headline does imply they were related. I'm not sure how it could have been worded to avoid that and still be concise though.
radu28 3
The news is the meltdown. The merger is irrelevant and unrelated in this context. Should've been no more than a statement in the article, as a coincidence.
strickerje 1
Good point; it didn't need to be in the headline at all.
Joseph White 1
"on the same day" instead of "after" surprisingly when you look up "after" this is the first meaning
21voyageur 4
The pattern continues. Poor and amateur reporting based solely on eyeball grabs.
Joseph White 0
Headlines exist to do just that, seems the people with an issue have a comprehension problem, words have meanings.
21voyageur 0
In this case, I think the problem is not in the eyes of the reader but the writer.
Joseph White 1
where is the confusion? here is the first paragraph...Frontier Airlines has been drawing attention recently. On the same day they announced their major merger with rival ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines, the Denver-based carrier encountered an operational meltdown that caused delays and cancellations across the nation. There are plenty of media bad examples, this isn't one of them. If they said "same day" instead of "after" This surprised me af·ter
Learn to pronounce
preposition: after
in the time following (an event or another period of time).
"shortly after their marriage they moved to Colorado" that usage is the very first in the dictionary, lol
Joseph White 2
Did you read the article? If you read it, you wouldn't have to ask what the merger has to do with meltdown. Actually if you even read the headline you're complaining about, you'd know. It says "AFTER" merger announcement, not "DUE" to merger, AFTER relates to timing, headlines are attention grabbers ( with you it certainly worked ) The story tells the details WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, this article works, your issue is in your head
strickerje 4
Words do have meaning, and beyond their literal definitions, they carry implications based on context and syntax. So a headline that says this "happened after" that implies that the two things are related. It's a sleazy tactic to get you to click the article for the real story.
Joseph White -1
Because you interpreted it that way? its why you go read the article and if you did you see they were reporting the merger and the technical difficulties as separate things, if you want to see actual examples of BS headlines, google NY Post headlines
Thomas Francl 7
My girlfriend flew Frontier from San Diego to Cleveland, Florida, etc. solely because of the cheap air fares. After the second time being stranded in Denver, she would call me crying about missing her father's birthday party or whatever. I converted her to Southwest. Occasionally upset but no more crying.
Derek Vaughn 8
Hopefully animal tails will stay.
Justthefacs 4
Many years ago while living in Denver would fly Frontier to Dallas on what they called their "Petroleum Club Flight." Mateus wine and a filet at dinner or a nice sandwich basket and Lancers Rose at lunch. Those were the great times. All one class.
Peter Fuller 2
Petroleum Club flights were most likely on the original Frontier, which ceased to exist in 1986, not the present Frontier, which started operations in 1994. The only links between the two are the shared name, a general geographic focus on Denver, and the fact that a few folks who worked at the original were involved in the start-up of the current Frontier.
alex hidveghy 1
Sounds like it to me....this is FRontier #2 for sure, not the original.

Just like National Airlines (N7) based out of LAS with a fleet of B757s. They, too, were a "reincarnation", name only, of the original National which was bought out by Pan Am many decades ago and had the sun logo on the fins of their DC-10s.......the good old days, sadly all gone..
Scott Baker -2
Lancers and Mateus are were the Atari and Commodore 64 of wines along with a 12" black and white. Thanks, no.
Joseph White 4
Frontier is a shadow of its former self, used to be a great flight option. I wonder in this day and age how two airlines can have "technical" problems, hindering operations that badly, but "blame the computers" excuses poor human performance.
With the operational meltdown they could rebook passengers on a stagecoach for a taste of the frontier!⛺️
Many years ago I tried to fly from Las Vegas to Denver on Frontier, but they dispatched from Denver an aircraft that was too small to fit all the passengers, so I got bumped.
royalbfh 2
we were bad as individuals! each airline was really bad, now we've combined so we will be really bad!... please pay for your luggage....
Robin Dreymer 4
Did you mean “pray” for your luggage?
Fly Frontier and experience the low life scum from Spirit.
21voyageur 4
Gee, that's catchy!
Bill Mayes 1
Well, when you mix one crap airline with another crap airline, what do you expect!
Randy Manning -3
So what do they need now!, another government tax payer handout! so the sheep passengers will have to still wear there mask!! Plus too there will be less competition! in the airline industries that we the sheep passengers will star paying even more money to the big big communist CEO!!
alex hidveghy 5
What are you drinking, Randy? That wasn’t even a coherent rant!
Joseph White 1
trump cult nut


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