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United Airlines Will Drop Service To 12 Cities (Full List)

During the pandemic, large cities have been hit, but small cities have been hit harder when it comes to air service. Demonstrating that point, United Airlines plans to eliminate service to 11 cities starting next month, ceding many routes to American Airlines. ( Más...

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djames225 4
The article states pulling out of Winnipeg. Must mean no longer code sharing with Air Canada for that route.
Raymond Hoff 2
Looks like all Winnipeg flights on AC to the US are through Toronto. Maybe UA just gave up on getting any codeshare traffic when you have to go through Toronto anyway.
mbazell 3
I can remember back in 1966 flying a United Vickers Viscount from Midway Airport to Kalamazoo in a snow storm. The flight was full. Times have certainly changed.
Daniel Gless 1
Ex Capital Airlines plane and route IIRC. I grew up with Capital and then United Viscounts into the 'old' GRR airport. We lived on the south inbound flight path...CLOSE. Loved watching these turbojets start up..along with the DC6's and DC3's and Convairs of the day...we used to sit at the end of the runway and watch them come and go on a daily basis.
Jim Allen 2
Pierre is honestly the oddest airport I've ever flown into commercially. It's a GA airport that accepts small commercial flights. You rent a car and they leave it unlocked in the parking lot with the keys in it.
ADXbear -1
But hey look on the bright side?. One can get smashed on hard liquor on the other flights... don't miss the excitement of delays, gate returns and diversions.. how cool...



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