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Fauci says he would support vaccination requirement for air travel

Dr. Anthony Fauci has expressed his support for COVID-19 vaccination requirements for air travel – as the Biden administration did not rule it out. “I would support that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people that you should be vaccinated,” the White House chief medical adviser said in an interview with theSkimm podcast, The Hill reported. On Friday, White House coronavirus response team coordinator Jeff Zients said the administration is “not taking any measures off the… ( More...

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s s 14
I like how you have to wear your mask when you're sitting in your seat doing nothing but when you want to chomp on a big ol' sandwich you can take that sucker right off. Science rocks!
John D 15
As I read the headline on this article, I didn't even have to look at the comments and know this was a shit-show in the making.
Who gives a s@!t what Fauci says!! Don't know who I'm more sick of hearing at this point in 2021 ...
Matt Lacey 5
He proved himself incapable of managing risk a long time ago. He has one hammer so everything is a nail.
wow, how are democrats going to make money off the 2.5 million unvaccinated illegals streaming across the border? I will be eating tacos with them, I will ask them.
John Danish 20
Why are we even listening to this 80 year. old washed up doctor? Who put hime in charge of the world?
james ingram 7
Was just on a flight from Mexico to the US yesterday where every pax had to have a negative Covid test to board...but mask mandated anyway...such BS
My recent test turned up negative, as it has all along. Now why do I have to wear a useless mask?
JW Wilson 20
"FauXi Air: Now boarding Vaccinated Citizens and unvaccinated aliens Only. All others remain in your cell until called." The only person worse than FauXi is Buyden, be he apparently does not know it. Hide your women and children, Afghanistan is coming to a city near you.
GS Secrest 8
And he would support Dogs replacing pilots too. That guy is a joke.
dnorthern 23
When is that tool going to suggest illegals crossing the border should be vaccinated.
If you would just read the article you would know he said if they refuse the vaccination they automatically give up their Hilton Honors points as well as all rights to their complimentary 2021 Chevrolet Corvettes. He's not messing around.
We must comply to what the wishes of the great God doctor.
Brad Webster 9
Oh look it's the highest paid liar in the country next to Bidumb
Steve Midgley 7
Memo to Fauci from WH: Keep 'em stirred up so we don't talk about ... SHHH!
You mean , taking about DIMENTIA JOE? or AFGHANISTAN?? or anything of importance?
EDIT: Supposed to be a "T" at the end of "though" ...
Disregard - was supposed to be a reply to a misprint in another comment I made waaaay down the line here ...
dnorthern 11
So. When does it become a suggestion that we round up the unvaccinated and put them in camps. You know for the safety of all concerned.
Cleffer 9
Coming soon. We never learn.

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dnorthern 14
You are an idiotic tool

1930s Germany is calling. They want you back. You would have gladly led folks to the camps
dnorthern 4
Hit close to home didn’t it
Michael Cole 6
Why don’t you just stay home if you’re so scared? Any other arbitrary edicts you want us to comply with, just so you feel safe? There are plenty of authoritarian countries you can go to if you feel better having the government dictate all aspects of your life. Sheeple poster child.
Are you saying the vaccines really don't work? Round 'em all up but don't forget to continue to wear your useless mask. Just ignore the hypocrisy inherent in these "dictates".
tlfys1 5
Yeah there's a reliable source
Emperor Fauci has decreed again. I definitely did the right thing when I voted for him! (Wait, I didn’t!, Emperors are not elected).
Why is Fauci the ONLY DR allowed to speak? Other Doctors are not agreeing with him at all..but are kept silent.
They're not towing the party line, pushing the narrative. Those who color outside the lines of this are banned from speaking publicly.
Absolutely positively not . None of it makes any sense. Vacationed still get the virus still infect others . Understand now most of the sick ones had the vacation. I’ve traveled Seattle to Pennsylvania every month several times for the last 2 years . Seattle Chicago Detroit alanta Harrisburg Baltimore pheonix Madison.. No Virus. No vaccine. The China virus was a scam to help seal the election. Bio weapon . Use common sense and you be find. No need for big brother control . Think we to be still free people.
Roy Hunte 9
Not sure what the problem is with vacations.
selmer40 4
For COVID they do not work as planned. Booster shots every 6 months. On 1 Sept 21, the CDC had to change the definition of a vaccine because the jab did not provide immunity.
Michael Cole 1
Ah yes, the completely uninformed speak. Nothing like a meaningless analogy. If you had taken the time to check, one out of every 13 people who died in the world died of smallpox prior to the vaccine. Just a tad different than the deaths from Covid.
If you could spell and type accurately you just might be more credible.
Brent Lee 1
Total bull guano
I cannot accept that flip-flop Fauci is the best they could come up with.
Craig Good -1
There should be vaccine requirements for any public transportation. And public space. The covidiots can stay home.
Ken Lane 5
That's not how liberty works. It is not your right to demand others cater to you. If YOU want to be safe, YOU stay home.
If you're not onboard with PERSONAL LIBERTY, and FREEDOM of CHOICE, I suggest you try a country more suited to your liking. I hear the weather in China is wonderful this time of year. The Supreme Leader there will welcome your knack for towing the party line.
Ken Lane -1
Fauci is an unmitigated idiot who has flipped more times than all the circus clowns who ever lived.
I can't believe how easily the masses were duped by this clown. Now I totally understand how Hitler rose to power. I used to think America was too smart to fall for such brainwashing tactics. WOW, was I wrong ...

Everyone has a short attention span. First, Fauci said masks don't work! Remember that? Then it's mask up, all day, every day! Then it's 2-3 masks!! I was laughing at the stupidity. Then I remember him saying it could be passed to pets in the beginning - what happened to that narrative? Too harsh I figure. The media parrots dropped that one like a bad transmission. Then he says he'd never support mandating a vaccine, and that, "We can't do that in America", similar to what Biden said in late 2020. Now both are singing a completely different tune.

If people can't see through this fog of liquified B/S, they're comatose.
Larry Kreuger -3
Heard outside of school board meeting…

Maskfree parent and child: We’ve got rights!
Masked parent and child: We’ve got brains….
Michael Cole 3
Good to know we have an expert lending his opinion.
M20ExecDriver -4
Funny, I don't remember the general population going stir crazy when a smallpox vaccination was required to go to school. Then again, we're talking about giving it to children.
Brad Webster 3
First of all it's not a vaccine. Small unimportant detail to you I know
They have to call it a vaccine in order to pretend it's the same as real vaccines and people can't wait to get in line for an experimental drug. Fear is a huge motivator. Once vaccinated, one cannot be un-vaccinated. Just keep that in mind.
Michael Cole 2
You might want to check before you make apples to oranges comparisons. One in 13 of all deaths in the world were from smallpox prior to the vaccine. Yet, you compare Covid to smallpox. Brilliant.

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Well, I’m a joker who CHOSE to be vaccinated. Heard of choice? Of course not. BTW, masks don’t save from sickness, so nice try.
Gary Banas 10
The difference is smallpox vaccination in furs lifetime immunity and the Covid vaccine apparently does not in fact the word vaccine is probably a misnomer in this case because it is more a biologic than a vaccine
selmer40 2
On 1 Sep 21 the CDC changed the definition of a vaccine {IMO} to cover for the shortfalls of the jabs. The term immunity has been removed.
Brad Webster 6
Hospitals don't test to see if a patient has the Delta variant. They only check that a patient has covid and nothing else. How is the media able to announce constant Delta totals?
Michael Cole 6
Spoken like a true worshipper at the alter of CNN and the DNC. Nice having your expert opinion parroted from the mouths of pathological liars.
Damn, Patrick - that's a really good example of towing the party line right there! Is the administration paying you? They should be! Well done, comrade!
- CNN, MSNBC, The White House, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of your pals.
GS Secrest 5
Can’t wait to see what the outcome is a few years down the road from the “Experimental Gene Therapy” when millions of people all of a sudden come down with cancer or some other bad side effects from this great “ vaccine”. I’d love to see what you’ll say then. Besides I had Covid and my Covid test later came back negative so I have natural immunity.

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dnorthern 9
Less likely to do so than your continued foolishness.

Totally stupid comparison and unrelated concepts.

You didn’t surprise anyone however
Michael Cole 3
It’s the typical lies, false analogies and deflection practices by the Fauci worshippers.

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Michael Cole 7
No, you only listen to the “medical experts” approved by the current administration. Any medical expert with a differing view is not allowed to speak.
When was the last time Fauci even saw a patient? Nothing but a bureaucrat. How many times has that tool changed his mind?
What about the medical experts that had their videos attempting to educate the public taken down by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, because they didn't stick to the White House script?

Food for though: Donald Trump -STILL banned from Twitter. ISIS: NOT banned from Twitter! The world is upside-down and backwards, and possibly inside-out, too.
Jesse Carroll -1
First reasonable statement by the fake Dr Fallaci....


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