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Workers found a plane at the bottom of a California lake, potentially solving a 56-year-old mystery

A plane that crashed in 1965 and was never found may have been located in a California lake. Workers testing underwater surveying equipment found a plane in Folsom Lake, CNN reported. The plane's propellers and tail match that of the one that crashed 56 years ago. The wreckage of a small airplane was found deep underwater in a California lake as workers were testing surveying equipment, CNN reported. The wreckage in California's Folsom Lake could likely be the remains of a plane that… ( More...

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... and, they start off the story with a photo of a C-130 at the bottom of the Red Sea in Jordan. Fantastic reporting, this, warms my heart to think of all the late night study sessions this reporter put in, on the way to her degree!
FlightSeer 2
I wondered about that too. Was the Red Sea plane supposed to have been moved to CA? I thought everyone and everything
was LEAVING California??
Mike Ziemann 1
I was about to post the exact same observation. "Journalism" at its finest. Never mind how many BASIC details about the incident that she didn't bother to include in the story. I would imagine her "research" into the story amounted to about 3 minutes worth of Google searching.
Peter Fuller 6
Some details on this 1965 accident here:
sparkie624 3
Thank you... I remember reading about that one, but did not put the 2 together when I saw the article... A sad situation.
blueashflyer 5
not many actual details for a news story - never said what type of plane
Torsten Hoff 5

“ Low water levels helped the company’s sonar equipment get a clear picture of a plane’s tail and propeller, and the images of the plane in the water match the Piper Comanche 250 lost more than five decades ago.

"He sees something on the bottom that looks man-made, and that’s when we say, ‘There’s definitely something down there,’ and maybe it’s the plane," president of Seafloor Systems John Timplin told CBS 13 News of Sacramento.

Three people were killed when the plane crashed after a midair collision on New Year’s Day. The bodies were never recovered, despite searches as recently as 2014.”
joel wiley 2
There were 4 people aboard. Another news source, more local reporting:
joel wiley 3
Folsom Lake straddles El Dorado and Placer Counties. The 2014 search done by El Dorado County Sheriff failed to find it. Apparently it is under Placer County's side.
joel wiley 5
Latest update: Aircraft is from non-fatal 1986 crash, not earlier one. Still looking for the one from '65
Ev Butler 3
A reporter should only make a report when they can say
who, what, when, where, how and when. Only then should a news outlet allow a post. PLUS, it should be of interest to the aviation public. The finding of a small plan in a lake is not fascinating new. There are probably hundreds in bodies of water and only when the above 5 facts are known should an editor allow it to be news.
joel wiley 1
I think what makes this newsworthy is the discovery of the missing plane that may contain the remains of three passengers which has been the subject of periodic searches over the past decades.

As it turns out, this is a different plane.
Ralph Wigzell 1
Sadly some missing vessels of the air and the sea will not be found.
sparkie624 0
WOW.. Interesting.. Good article


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