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Delta CEO blasts Biden proposal to require Covid tests for domestic travelers

The proposal to require domestic airline passengers to prove they have tested negative for Covid-19 is a "horrible idea," according to Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian. Bastian told CNN's Poppy Harlow Tuesday that the proposal being discussed by the Biden Administration would drain testing resources away from people who need it more. He said the number of confirmed Covid cases transmitted during air travel since the start of the pandemic has been "absolutely minimal." ( More...

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Ken Williams 32
Hmmm... Been reading through the posts concerning this article. I am no expert. More like the average Joe type. However, each and every person is entitled to their own personal opinion. Concerning this article, it is my PERSONAL OPINION that I don't have any reason to fly anywhere in the foreseeable future. Subsequently, I will not be getting on any commercial airline flights anytime soon.

No politics or BS. Don't need to travel anywhere that I can't drive to.
Bob Poberezny 28
EVERYTHING including aviation is political these days, sadly.
Mr. Bastian is free to run his airline the way his stockholders want.

The flying public is free to choose the airline they want to fly with.
Greg Zelna 2
He is not entirely free to operate his airline as he wishes if there is a government mandate requiring all PAX to have a test prior to flying. How recent a test ? How reliable are they ? Whos to say you didn't contract it after the test and prior to flying ?
If you want to stay home, not fly, not work I’m all for it. That is your right as an individual. I respect your opinion. I also expect you to respect mine if I want to go to work, fly, vacation, and not live in fear. This isn’t going away. Each to their own. I will wear a mask and take precautions but I’m not going to stop living my life because you say so.
ken young 8
I concur.. Wish I could upvote your comment 100 times
Scott Campbell 33
I've been flying during the entire pandemic, except for 30 days in April - weekly and sometimes up to 6 flights, had a kidney transplant 5 years ago and diabetic, come on get out there and fly people, were gonna rip Bastian, Delta's doing the best job managing this of all the majors, and still blocking the middle seats in the back and one in First on each side. Thanks Delta Crews YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE every day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MSU Sparty 30
GO Ed GO!!! Stand your ground. I totally respect Delta and all the staff and how you’ve handled this.
captwright 5
I am a physician who flies once a week to work in hospitals with COVID surges. I am fully immunized. If this plan went forward, I alone would use up four tests a month that could be better used testing someone with symptoms. There are STILL issues with testing availability for patients who need them. Bad idea. Also, what is with trashing Delta and Bastian? To my knowledge, they are the only domestic airline left that is blocking seats.
AWAAlum 1
I'm interested in learning how you became "fully immunized" and how do you know if you are?
ken young 2
AWAAlum 1
You think? A few people I know who've received vaccinations received recommendations to continue being vigilant. I'm not doubting Cartwright, I'm genuinely wondering.
AWAAlum 1
(Autocorrect strikes again - "Capt" )
ken young 1
" A few people I know"....In Oceans 11 when Danny says to Terry Benedict "I know a guy"
AWAAlum 1
Really liked that movie...although not enough to remember quotes.
ken young 1
has TONS of great lines.
See! We agree in something.
AWAAlum 1
Yeah, well, I WAS gonna admit to really being crazy about that movie, but then, yeah, I didn't wanna give you too much.
ken young 2
"There's a women's prison right down the road"....
Stuart Betheil -2
Then you should know that immunization is not perfect and you're still capable of spreading the virus. There is plenty of testing available.
captwright 4
That hasn't been proven either way. Glad you live in a part of the country that has plenty of testing available.
aurodoc 3
I also am a physician and if I had to do surgery with a 100 percent guarantee of outcome I would be a saint. Just isn't possible to be 100 percent. If you believe that you need 100 percent to get on a plane then stay home forever. I have also been vaccinated and have flown before vaccination. Take appropriate actions with mask, hand washing and wiping off surfaces and accept that it might not be perfect but an acceptable risk.
ken young 0
Oh , here we go..."Its not 100% guaranteed"...Tell me , oh great one, what in human existence besides our ultimate demise, is 'guaranteed? How is it some of you people have decided that you are entitled to live risk averse? And in that feeling, you believe you get the right to project your demand of risk averse on everyone else?
Look here, Elroy, once vaccinated, its back to normal living, If you don't like it, feel free to hide under your furniture. But don't you dare demand we do the same,
Are we clear?
AWAAlum 1
I can think of at least one other 100% guarantee and that is you will respond unfailingly with sarcasm and arrogance.
ken young -2
I live in a world of reality. Emotion takes a back seat to logic and reason.
If that appears arrogant to you, well, you'll just have to be offended
AWAAlum 2
I have no issue regarding reality or the lack thereof in your post. Merely the way you fairly typically frame your responses in a demeaning and disrespectful tone. Hopefully this doesn't offend you ... I've arrived at this conclusion living in a world of reality.
ken young -1
I don't "frame".
I also don't kowtow to the notion that we all must take care to state only that which others want to hear/read.
If you're looking to coerce someone into caving to political correctness, you've dived into the wrong pool
AWAAlum 3
Not my intention AT ALL. Relax fella.
Brian Mortin 14
This is an aviation web site, flight aware. Not air out my politics vs your politics, what they do, what they did, poor me, shame on you. Catchy hyped up headlines, not just the facts. Come on aviation minded folks, let’s stick to the passions we share of aircraft, aerial photography and pertinent news, constructive comments and thoughts........
Brian, today everything is about politics.
Brian Mortin 0
Guess removed from gathered in a hangar or FBO lounge enjoying some good old ol on point “hangar talk” bit the dust on this forum........
Happy Trails lads and ladies in your political pursuits here, there and everywhere..........
Ken Lane 0
Given the majority of those now on this board are not even connected to aviation in any fashion, it has become what it is.
Steven Bell 4
Then Biden doesn’t need to make it political!
Did Biden declare that this would only be for flights in and out of states that Trump won? How is it "political" to try to limit the spread of an infectious disease that has killed half a million Americans?
ken young 1
Unfortunately, aviation, commercial passenger aviation has become political.
From the reclining seat battle to the Covid protocol wars. With regard to the virus, people are choosing sides not based on scientific PROOF, but with which political ideology they align.
These days you can't tell the proof from the ankle-deep b/s. For one thing, I don't believe a damned thing any mainstream news source is telling us. We'd be well served to do 180° opposite, actually. I'm going to live my life and not worry about what MIGHT, or COULD happen down the road. I'll use common sense and go about my life. Wish the other half of the country had the same mindset. Just saw a story that San Francisco had to sue its own district to reopen schools, due to the record high suicide rate. These damn lockdowns are killing more people than the virus ever will!
ken young 5
POTUS Trump made it clear that the cure could very well be worse than the disease.
The problem is this. Half the country believes that if they are going to live in fear, then everyone must kowtow to their belief and abide by THEIR rules.
Many times I've read hysterical accounts such as "Well, just wait until yu have a family member affected by the virus"....Their end game is, if I must lockdown by CHOICE, so should everyone else. And in the instance where it is suggested that the most vulnerable must take all necessary precautions and if needed, lock themselves down. Meanwhile the rest of us must live our lives, work and produce. To that the knee jerk response is "Oh, I should be a prisoner in my home?"....Ya can't have a discussion with irrational people
Daniel Coty 14
As a physician who has seen firsthand this epidemic take lives and strain the medical community to the breaking point, I think this is not a bad idea. Especially now with test made more available and easier. And if you disagree, then fine... could you stay home when you get sick though, 'cause I'd rather care for a person that just got it because they just got it than some idiot that refuses to wear a mask and get tested before they fly.
Thank you for injecting a bit of sanity and expertise into these comments.

It's depressing to see anti-masking, anti-lockdown, anti-testing comments from people who have never read even a single abstract of a peer-reviewed medical study about COVID-19.
ken young 9
Anti lockdown? Meaning?........You're pro lockdown?
Sidney Martin 2
It’s about us being allowed to make our own personal choices. If the government can make me wear a mask, they can take my freedom of religion, freedom of speech, right to own guns, right to own land and then turn the country into a communist/tyrant ruled superkiller.
No shirt no shoes, no service...

Seatbelts required..

They managed to implement that without removing our freedom of religion etc.
How do you know that they haven't read peer-reviewed medical studies?? From the other side, also.
AWAAlum 1
Your comment is amusing, seeing as you took the exact view that Sissy has taken here. I'll show you: "Right at this moment,,we can choose our airline. They make Delta do this, they'll make ALL of them do it. Woo Hoo, let's put the airlines out of business - or better yet, nationalize them. BTW: who ARE these people to dictate this? Based on nothing."

So cute.

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Yes, medical knowledge is the be-all, end-all when it comes to medicine.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

So who do you think you should entrust with your medical care? Some guy who works at a Midas muffler shop or maybe an Uber driver?
Someone COMPETENT, preferably. But regardless of that, if they tell me to jump off a bridge because it's good for me, I for one am NOT going to heed their advice ...
How is requiring you to get a negative COVID test prior to flying analogous to telling you to jump off of a bridge? COVID tests are neither risky nor invasive.
peter ziegler -4
Hey Sissy get real ok
RECOR10 -3
Nor are they accurate or productive. I do love it when some lemming asks me why I do not wear a stupid mask when I am not in the clinical environment. Simple answer: "I don't need a maks, I brought my immune system. Your immune system is not my concern".
thiagocsf 2
Without meaning any sarcasm, it's great that you have a working immune system. I hope it keeps working as well as it has for you to trust it so much.

You're being asked to wear a mask for those that don't have good immunity such as you do. Also for those that are at greater risk, even if their immune system is working ok. The statistics behind deaths are there for you to review.

Saying "your immune system is not my concern" is, pardon the harshness, selfish and somewhat childish. You're saying that you won't go through the smallest of inconveniences to save someone else's life.
ken young -3
straw man argument. Invalid. Rejected
ken young 2
we're all entitled to an opinion. The reverse is the rest of us have the right to find those views unacceptable. Its cuts both ways.
RECOR10 -2
Huh? Being as I am at an L1 EVERYDAY...the ONLY thing that has changed in the past year is the media driven hysteria. Period. Until the Govt takes the same steps for Heart Disease and Mental Health, well, China Flu is a distraction. Cancer, well, God forbid there is a cure. We would never be able to feed and house humans living to be 120avg years. Mortality is a bitch.
bbabis 24
Meanwhile, jump right on with mental illness, the flu, shingles, and only God knows what else. The hysteria over covid is ruining more lives than the illness itself could ever hope to. Absolutely comical if it weren't so serious.
Atanu Dey 7

"The hysteria over covid is ruining more lives than the illness itself could ever hope to. Absolutely comical if it weren't so serious."

Totally agree. It's like chopping off the hand to cure the pain of a hangnail.

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In an epidemic, the logical thing to do is isolate the sick people, like when we had tuberculosis, and let the healthy people live their lives. BTW, I am a Covid survivor
Sidney Martin 2
Well said
dnorthern 7
Your simplicity is amusing if not dow right frightening.

You have ignored deaths from despair - suicide, drug over doses, etc. because your simplistic world view is narrow.

I know of one young woman who overdosed and died. Likely the result of isolation and the attendant mental health pressures.

So stop being a arrogant know it all. Who knows little.
godutch 9
Robert...stay in your home. Isolate! Hide! Be afraid! Don't live a normal life...follow everything your (now Democratic) government says - for as long as they rule. Always do what government says...they will protect you. You are an embarrassment to freedom and liberty loving people of this country.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

godutch 23
No one is advocating being unsafe or a danger to others or not wearing masks around others. We simply want common sense legislation and science and fact based rules...not idiotic Democrat/leftist/Socialist agenda driven BS rules and legislation. As I said below, STAY HOME Wesley, but let US live our lives, and take care of OURSELVES. If each person takes care of THEMSELVES, no one else is in danger.
Steven Bell -2
I didn’t wear a mask from January 01, 2020 to September 02, 2020. On September 2 I began wearing a mask religiously to make a political statement. When I left the house it was on!!
Exactly 23 days later I contracted:
A. Covid
B. Covid
C. Covid
D. All of the above.
So, no mask for me.
Yet people want to listen to an idiot, Joe Biden, who promised to cure coronavirus, cancer and Alzheimer’s!
So if Joe says to mask up you would be wise to do the opposite.
Your replies are great.
Ashley Grant 2
What exactly is your point? Wearing a mask properly is approximately 95% better than not wearing a mask. It's not 100%. I'm sorry you were part of the 5% that wore a mask and still contracted the virus.

But I'm not sorry that you took that to mean that masks don't work at all. That's just you being stupid.

I swear, you people are the most aggressively stupid people ever born.
Everyone that I know that caught it (2 families in MA), caught it while wearing a mask, more than likely - stands to reason they didn't catch it at home, or in their own cars while maskless. I have asthma, and I catch EVERY lung ailment that gets passed around every single season. I haven't changed my routine whatsoever. I visit my 80 year old dad every Sunday, as I have the past 7 years or so. I wear masks only when going into stores, as dictated by our state gov't here. I haven't caught anything.You could argue both ways on mask usage on my story ... but the fact is, NOBODY knows which is right! I'm not going to stop living because of what the media tells me, just like people 102 years ago did during the Spanish Flu pandemic. NOTHING shut down back then. People were free to go out and about. My grandparents and great-grandparents survived. I'd wager yours did too, obviously.

I use common sense and don't pick my nose after handling money, or touching things out in public. If this thing was as contagious as the news made it out to be, I'd have had it in January, 2020 no question about it. The threat was real back then up until maybe June, 2020. Now, it's overhyped BS to ram through whatever brainstorm the powers that be have up their sleeves. You can bet whatever it is, it isn't in you or I's best interests ...

The question the media should be asking is, where the hell is the regular flu? Completely eradicated in one year? Hmmmm ...
"I haven't caught anything.You could argue both ways on mask usage on my story ... but the fact is, NOBODY knows which is right!"

That's why epidemiologists rely on medical studies and statistics rather than anecdotes from individuals. There were many people who swore smoking did not cause lung cancer because they, or someone they knew, was a heavy smoker who lived to a very old age without getting lung cancer.

"just like people 102 years ago did during the Spanish Flu pandemic. NOTHING shut down back then. People were free to go out and about."

That statement is completely untrue. From a Stanford publication about the 1918 pandemic: "In the United States, the Committee of the American Public Health Association ( APHA) issued measures in a report to limit large gatherings. The committee held that any type of gathering of people, with the mixing of bodies and sharing of breath in crowded rooms, was dangerous. Nonessential meetings were to be prohibited. They determined that saloons, dance halls, and cinemas should be closed and public funerals should be prohibited since they were unnecessary assemblies. Churches were allowed to remain open, but the committee believed that only the minimum services should be conducted and the intimacy reduced. Street cars were thought to be a special menace to society with poor ventilation, crowding and uncleanliness. The committee encouraged the staggering of opening and closing hours in stores and factories to prevent overcrowding and for people to walk to work when possible (JAMA, 12/21/1918)."

I hope that you will not repeat your earlier claim, knowing now that it is untrue.

"The question the media should be asking is, where the hell is the regular flu? Completely eradicated in one year? Hmmmm ..."

The question has been asked by the media and answered by epidemiologists. All of the things being done to limit the spread of COVID, including social distancing, masking, limiting indoor gatherings, have made the much less contagious flu strains unable to spread widely.
Well I stand corrected on the 1918 situation - I wasn't aware of that. I made an assumption based on my grandparent's own personal experience with it.

Now, you seem to have alot of faith in epidemiologists. You do realize these are humans, correct? Hardly infallible. I don't buy the statement that the regular flu was eradicated just by covid protocols. That's laughable. If that were true, then covid would've been long gone by now. You're free to believe what you want. I ain't buyin' it.

My mom always said the same thing to me growing up, "If a doctor or medical professional says so, it's true!" How wrong she was! I was nearly blinded by an ophthalmologist as a kid. He tried to fix me with an experimental medication he and his colleagues were working on, and it was contaminated with bacteria, and later pulled from market altogether. I was also prescribed asthma medication that nearly killed me in my teens - only after several ER visits did that get corrected. My mom died at 72 of cancer in early 2018 , staunchly refusing a second opinion, since she so trusted her oncologist. I later heard from others that this "professional" who had been caring for her had many other patients that died of very curable cancers. Faith in man is a fools game.
Thank you for your civil reply. It really stands out here.

"Now, you seem to have alot of faith in epidemiologists. You do realize these are humans, correct? Hardly infallible."

I have much more faith in scientific studies and the peer review process than I have in individual epidemiologists. But I have a lot more faith in individual epidemiologists than I do in angry mobs who oppose or support pandemic control measures based on which political party proposed them.

"I don't buy the statement that the regular flu was eradicated just by covid protocols. That's laughable. If that were true, then covid would've been long gone by now."

No, it's not laughable. And I say that as someone who spent much of his career supporting scientific research. You have to remember that rhe common flu viruses are far less transmissible than COVID-19. Due to record number of flu vaccines being given this season, combined with past infections, far more Americans have antibodies to the flu, bringing us closer to herd immunity. Now you add on the effects of masking, social distancing, school closures, limits on indoor gatherings (restaurants, movie theaters, churches, etc.), and flu transmission rates go way down.

"Faith in man is a fools game."

Faith in science is not. Second, third, and even fourth opinions are often a good thing. That's what the peer review process is when it comes to scientific studies. They are the extra eyes and gray matter focused on the study to find flaws in logic, methodology, statistical analysis, or conclusions.
Ken Williams 1
I believe Biden also promised to end wildfires and hurricanes... However, I would have to look up the speech I saw to cite a firm source... (tongue in cheek)
dnorthern 7
New Normal

The train is over there
John Prukop 1
The train is NOT over there. That's the CoVid train and it's going to run over ALL of you if you don't wake up. "New Normal?" It sounds like you've bought into the lie being peddled by Gates the psycho who wants to reduced global population to a "sustainable level" - so the plantation can be more effectively managed from the top of the Klaus Schwab globalist World Economic Forum's pyramid scheme. Not good. See: Also see:
dnorthern 5
histrionics, incidentally, do little to advance your point.
bbabis 16
"New Normal" is a progressive liberal catch phrase to make the sheeple "feel" that all is good. The truth is that current living is very abnormal and people with more than two molecules of brain matter wish to be able to take care of themselves and others and get back to true normal living. No one knows if covid has even been transmitted on an airplane and there have been cases where someone with active covid flew on an airplane and no one else on the plane came down with it. Save the tests for those who need it. All anyone needs to know is if they have the necessary antibodies and, if not, get a vaccine as soon as available.
dnorthern 16
New normal is also the catch phrase for idiots who don’t want to get past this. (We will need to continue to wear masks into perpetuity. The new normal don’t you know)
ken young 5
Yeah, when UK PM Boris Johnson suggested mask wearing may become permanent I almost spit up beer.
I had a business transaction with a woman , clearly a big time left winger , who said she would be in favor of a requirement all must wear masks forever. I told her "thats not gonna fly here. People have had it with the government telling us what we can and cannot do."...
Lefty babe didn't like that comment very much. Tough darts, Deal with it.
Ashley Grant -7
Please stop wearing your seat belt.
Please disable the air bags in your car.
Please disable literally every single safety device that is required by code in your house or on any device you ever use.

The sooner idiots like you Darwin yourselves out of the gene pool, the better.
hhwff 6
Ashley,it is not reasonable(in my opinion) to equate the constant and permanent wearing of masks with the safety devices you mention. There is a lot of evidence of adverse health consequences to long term mask wearing. There have also been studies and experiments carried out comparing the rates of infections in hospital operating theatres with the surgeon being masked and unmasked. In the ones I have read about, the rates of infections were decidedly lower when the surgeons were NOT wearing masks. I must admit it seemed counter intuitive to me..... but it certainly shows how we are brainwashed into accepting as inviolable truth that which is incessantly and concertedly drummed into us.
My apologies for seeming to be nitpicking you.
Ken Lane -1
The Danish study has shown masks have no statistical effect.
ken young 2
Blah blah blah...Straw man argument.
There is NO CONSENSUS on the attributes of safety devices in autos. Verifiable and concrete evidence derived from actual physical tests and studies have concluded that restraints do prevent serious injury and death by auto collision.
As to the covid , there is opinion, consensus and political pressure. NO Iron clad conclusions. Its all about 'what may happen" what "could happen"
Science is not consensus. Science is conclusions. "We think" or "we believe" has NO place in science.
godutch 9
Protect yourself. Wear a mask. Stay 6 feet away. Be careful. BUT! BUT! Live your life...Americans have never shied away from adversity. I'm sorry Wesley, but it IS political. Stay home.
dnorthern 4
The train that will take you to safety is over there. New normal and all. Enjoy
ken young 6
Ahh yes...The "Ive lost a family member of someone close to covid so YOU must do as I say" argument.
Poppycock. That argument doesn't wash. We as a society cannot exist in a constant state of risk averse. Nor can we function while attempting to kowtow to the lowest common denominator.
GO ahead, cite Australia's ever present lockdowns and alleged successes. That's crap. First, Australia is a giant island with a hyoer restrictive immigration policy. Second, they have 1/14th the US populations and a largely homogeneous population. Next, their citizens are highly subsidized by government via confiscatory tax levels. Yoiu want Australia, go live in Australia.
Steven Bell 6
More people die from automobile accidents. So have you or the families of those who have suffered automobile deaths in their family cut back on driving? Have those families actually even thought about eliminating unnecessary trips in their automobile?
I doubt it and probably when they get a new vehicle they’re out showing all the friends. It’s like the family that has someone in the family die of lung cancer yet other families continue to smoke cigarettes. So shove your sympathetic coronavirus BS up you’re a double s!
Ashley Grant -2
More people die from automobile accidents?

COVID-19 has killed more people in the US in 11 months than died in automobile accidents in the US from 2007-2019.

So tell me, are you just genuinely stupid, or are you so bought in to what Papa Trump has told you that you're required to lie to yourself?
hhwff 6
Ashley, you are obviously buying into the official narrative of huge numbers of Covid caused deaths. In reality, the long term averages of deaths from heart attacks, influenza, stroke, pneumonia etc. have suddenly plunged in 2020. Those statistics should give any thinking person pause for thought before unquestioningly accepting the statements implying that covid deaths are in ADDITION to those normal averages. It seems fairly obvious that many of the other category deaths have been repackaged as Covid
Robert Mack 5
hhwff & Mr. Grant - have you seen this as reported by the CDC (the US deaths by year and the change from the previous year?

2017 - 2,818,503 Americans died
2018 - 2,839,205 (20,702 more than 2017)
2019 - 2,855,000 (16,300 more than 2018)
The year of the pandemic - 2020 - 2,913,144 (57,641 more than 2019)
If COVID has caused 400,000+ deaths, shouldn't the 2020 number be much higher?

I'm an old man and know my time is short (had quad-bypass 8/19), certainly not afraid, certainly won't hide, wear a mask out of respect for others, but am overall saddened for everything that seems to be weaponized to divide us. I could be specific but you are all smart, intelligent, and know what's going on (II Timothy 3 is a gentle reminder). Anyway, my apologies for taking up your time.

BTW, where is MarySueWatkins (is that right - sorry but having an alzhheimer's moment) on this subject??? LOL She always have something interesting to say!!! ;-)
ken young 2
Ok, Once you decide it is time to hurl insults, you lose. You're out. Your credibility is now zilch
Ken Lane 2

I seem to recall a CDC report saying the virus ONLY has killed only 6% of those deaths.

But, the left and the government as a whole has politicized the whole thing by labeling every single death as COVID-19 when the virus is only PART of the issue.

By that logic, deaths from complications after an organ transplant can be labeled as an immune disorder when the real cause is their immune system was so strong it rejected the new organ.

By the way, a good many deaths were following organ transplant because the purpose of anti-rejection drugs is to reduce or disable the immune system. That allowed it easier for COVID-19 to take effect and possibly cause death. Influenza could have have just as easily killed them.

One last one... there's a one chance in 106 you'll die from an auto accident. About 40,000 died last year in auto accidents. The deaths from ONLY COVID-19? About 20,000.

Explore this one... why are influenza deaths down last year and this year?
sr22pilot1 1
Society is not obligated to enjoy only a single denominator of personal risk management.
Sidney Martin -1
Only THE NEW NORMAL if we allow people to take the low mortality rate of the virus way out of context and use it to scare others and remove their rights. Any evolutionists should love this virus because it promotes survival of the fittest and cleans up the gene pool.
Steven Bell 3
Einstein, Trump attempted to ban travel from China in the early stages!
Your buddies, Pelosi and her mob, raised HELL! Do you need a recap of some of the other ridiculous stats they done?
Furthermore where is the proof that masks work? Oh, people like you like to say it’s science. Yep science one time said the world was flat. Until somebody proved that science was wrong. Let’s see the science that says kids very seldom get the virus and when they do it has minimum affect yet people like you want the teachers to still stay home and kids not go to school. So go ahead stay in your house along with your family where are your mask why are you inside outside upside and downside. Enjoy your communist style of life!
Sidney Martin 1
Nailed it.
If flying were a huge source of passing the Covid virus, believe me, the media would be all over it.
sprint113 9
While the flight itself may not significantly contribute to the spread, general interstate travel probably is. Commercial flights just already have the checkpoints that easily allow adding this check.

People who are traveling now, for work or leisure, are probably a demographic worth checking up on as they are more likely to be coming into contact with others, and so are more likely than average to catch or transmit the disease at some point of their travels.
Do you think that the UK, Brazilian, and South African strains of COVID arrived in the U.S. by car?

Transporting COVID-positive people from one state to another, knowing that many of them will interact with cabbies, Uber/Lyft drivers, hotel staff, restaurant workers, coworkers, and business contacts, seems like a bad idea to me.
waynej007 2
No but it sure can walk across the southern border no-holds-barred!
ken young 1
That's just a really inane question. You have this irrational notion that we can simply lock ourselves in our homes and the virus will go away on its own.
Many nations have attempted government forced lockdowns. It hasn't worked. Infection rates drop off, then rebound. No one is "safe"( an insipidly overused term). The virus must work its way through populations. Lock downs simply kick the can down the road.
But Biden said it may be lol lol lol lol
ffrcobra1 13
Exactly how did he determine transmission during air travel has been “absolutely minimal”? Contact tracing, which would gather data that might indicate such, has been scattershot at best and non-existent at worse. One thing that definitely has not been “absolutely minimal” is the effect of the virus on the number of people, who don’t positively need to travel, who are willing to get on an airliner. Making those people comfortable enough with the risk to buy a ticket is what will return the airlines to a viable industry. So, to recap, the government requiring Covid tests is bad policy, but the government giving free money to the airlines to subsidize all the empty seats and mothballed planes is great.
Kenneth Martin 13
On an airplane, it is all about moving cubic feet of air in the enclosed space. You move the air during the flight and sanitize between flights. Delta has proven it works.
juuso knuts 12
The air in a an airplane is replaced every 2-3 minutes. It is constantly flowing out and new air pushed in.
Bob Jordan 1
You've stated that the air is replaced every 2-3 minutes & out of curiosity I have to ask these questions:
Since there is roughly 1/3 the amount of oxygen in the air at 30K ft. (6.9%) as there is at sea level (20.9%), how does the airplane remove and replace the "air" in the plane at 30K and maintain a high enough level of oxygen that breathing isn't difficult? Why do people carry/use oxygen when climbing Mt. Everest if the 6.9% in the air is sufficient?
JetMech24 2
That is what pressurization is for. It packs in enough air that it becomes breathable with enough oxygen content. That is the one and only reason why aircraft are pressurized above 10k altitude. A specific amount of air released from the aircraft to be able to constantly let fresh air in, the rest is recirculated through filters and such.
Excellent comment.

I live in Las Vegas, and we have become a hub of transmission because idiots think they can travel here, forego protocols, infect or workers and families and leave.

What's so hard about getting a swab to protect yourself and others??

The argument of "save the tests" for those who need it is childish and uninformed. There is no shortage of tests, so what's the big deal?

Ooooh, yeah, it's because those who travel most are those who don't believe there's a pandemic.... Gotcha
ken young 4
Good question.
The problem is the PCM(instant) test has about a 80% rate of false positives
ken young 0
Update. One study claims a false positive rate of 40%.
And there is this mea culpa by the WHO that states the PCR test is largely unreliable.
In conclusion, the only way this Biden executive fiat could work is if passengers can prove they have been either tested in the last 48 hours( not 72, too long) or carry with them proof of vaccination.
Three months ago The government of Australia announced that once the vaccine became available, all international passengers would be required to show proof of vaccination or be barred from boarding any aircraft.
I knew this idea would gain traction.
mbrews 9
- At the moment, Public Health authorities require a Covid test for the 6-hour flight from London Heathrow to New York-JFK. Wouldn't an infectious disease authority (not an airline CEO ) consider requiring a Covid test for a 5-hour nonstop flight from JFK to SFO (California) ?
Rico van Dijk 5
No one ever got better from a test. Testing everyone is an awful waste of resources that could have been spent on the unlucky few that end up in the hospital, but instead they are just numbers now and forgotten. The whole system of testing, isolation, lockdown, furloughs etc, is a selfish act by those who have their house paid off and can enjoy a year or two of quiet vacation at home. But do they consider the vast majority who actually rely on their income? Who’s career is still in the making? My personal experience: including everyone I know, friends, family, and distant friends, I know 1 person who died of covid, sadly, I know 2 who got in intensive care and fully recovered. I know 1 who committed suicide after losing everything because of measures, I know A few dozen who lost their job, and hundreds (me included) who are furloughed and in uncertainty of keeping their jobs. My grandma of 93 is bagging all her grand children to come visit her because she is lonely. And all I see in the news is how we must stay obedient to protect the weaker ones in our society. No, I think this has all gone way too far already, and everyone promoting measures like these is in my opinion selfish and ignorant. The end.
dnorthern 5
Hammer. Meet nail
patrick baker 5
testing is not treatment- it is identification of persons carrying or not carrying a wildfire virus. A smart step undoubtedly.....
Atanu Dey 2
Rico van Dijk:

"The whole system of testing, isolation, lockdown, furloughs etc, is a selfish act by those who have their house paid off and can enjoy a year or two of quiet vacation at home."

Thanks for pointing that out. Can't be repeated too often.
Sidney Martin 1
Spot on.
godutch 4
Yes...follow the other woke sheep...the path leads to the slaughterhouse.
Jackson Franco 12
WOW! I thought criticizing the Fuhrer is verboten!
Rob MacIvor 6
I've been reading the comments. People who say they don't have any need to fly should bow out. You don't have a dog in this fight, so your opinion is not relevant to the situation. I am proud of Ed Bastian for standing up to Biden. The new rule and even the threat of a new rule requiring COVID testing to enter (or re-enter the US for Americans who ventured out of the country) is an attempt to shut down international travel. Very bad decision.
"People who say they don't have any need to fly should bow out. You don't have a dog in this fight, so your opinion is not relevant to the situation. "

Yes, my opinion is relevant because I am at high risk of dying if I catch COVID from someone on one of those flights, perhaps indirectly after they give it to a first responder or grocery store worker who then has contact with me.

No one should 'stand up to Biden' when he's following the advice of epidemiologists to to control a raging pandemic that has killed half a million Americans.

Trump talked about stopping all flights from China and the MAGA morons cheered. Biden proposes a pre-flight test to show that you're (probably) not infected with COVID, and the same mouth-breathers are calling for people to "resist" Biden. Can you say Xenophobia and bigotry?
Sidney Martin 1
I’ve worn a mask on rare occasions when required and they’re a joke cuz they don’t seal against your face. If you wanna get safe, wear a full Hazmat suit with a full head mask with bottled, sterilized oxygen. Also live in a bunker. You can’t eliminate all risks so get real and realize we’ll all die someday sooner or later.
Cher Meehan 0
Entirely the wrong “platform” to rehash political issues that you continue to breath life into. Don’t fly!!
I didn't "rehash political issues." I replied to someone who tried to politicize COVID testing by referring to "standing up to Biden."

I'm not planning on flying anytime soon. But that doesn't protect me from COVID that may be brought to my area by a infected air travelers.
Wow, Sissy. YOU are the MORON!
And to think, elsewhere in here I thanked you for the civil reply to posted to me elsewhere...
One too many occurrences of "elsewhere"-- sorry. Editing error.
Well, you called ME a moron. Am I supposed to sit here and take that?
I did not. I replied to Rob MacIvor and I did not refer to you, quote you, or suggest that you were among the group of people I referred to as morons.
Sissy Princess -2
Since you brought up the topic, I have a 99th percentile IQ, was part of a "Talented and Gifted" program in high school, and I'm a published author of articles in popular magazines and professional journals. I doubt seriously that you are my intellectual equal, much less my better.
Sidney Martin 2
Honestly, you might be so smart, but could you survive if you got dumped in a wilderness with only a few basic supplies? Smitty probably could, judging by his pic of a pistol. I go for common sense, not IQ and bragging rights.
I find it utterly amazing that someone with such high intellect can be brainwashed enough to spout propaganda on an aviation forum!
I'm not 'spouting propaganda on an aviation forum.' I'm advocating following the recommendations of epidemiologists to control the spread of COVID-19. I'm opposing propaganda from people who think that "standing up to Biden" has any place in a discussion about science.
John Prukop 0
Keep following those experts and their advice and you'll find yourself permanently socially distanced 6-feet UNDER!
Cher Meehan 0
I couldn’t agree with you more!
Craig Good 6
He's assuming that the proposal is about transmission on airline flights, ignoring that it can also be about just plain spreading the disease.

I really wonder what's wrong with people who are going to airports in the middle of a pandemic anyway. What trip is that important? Asking them to test negative seems a minor inconvenience.
Deb Yates 3
If the airlines allow this illegitimate dictator/president to force an experimental "vaccine" on people, I for one will never fly again; and will ultimately result in state-run airlines with no profits.
ADXbear 10
For those of you questioning the Covid virus, you really need to spend some time at facilities dealing with last days of life and families forced to watch through glass!

I would think the 400,000 plus deaths would mute the CEOs and you guys and gals from down playing the seriousness of the virus.
Rico van Dijk 3
... and you should try how it is if you can’t even go to a funeral of someone you lost, not because of covid, but because of depression caused by the measures that destroy more lives than they save.
Lets say each everyone that died, knew 10 people (yet we know it's much higher) but anyhow 4,000,000 minimum lives affected and potentially damaged for good, this will exceed most any death rate from mental illness. Where here the debate is over, I just got vaccinated and I haven't heard one word from Bill Gates in my ear, but I can tune in a UH Freq really well now ... directly into my brain
Sidney Martin 1
But some people believe killing innocent children is ok. If “my body my choice “ applies to abortion, it should apply to masks.
dnorthern -3
So. You are saying mental health related deaths are ok. You are a piece of droppings
Dan Boone 1
We lose 233,000 people per month in the United States - EVERY MONTH - Your covid sensationalizing is ridiculous. WE know about the virus now, we know the population that is at risk. LOOK AT THE numbers, utilize the statistics, they don't add up to the panic that we are thrusting upon the nation! This is a political control. LOOK AT THE NUMBERS!!! 475,000 wow that's a big number...really in a population of 330,000,000...that's roughly two months of death totals in the U.S. on a NORMAL year. YOU'RE BEING PLAY - LOOK AT THE NUMBERS, if you're under 70 you have little to no risk of not beating the virus. Oh by the way we have a vaccine many have been vaccinated????? FEAR MONGERING, stop and THINK, I keep saying look at the numbers
Amy Hussar 1
My husband does, every single day.

The actual situation is nothing like what the media is pushing.
dnorthern -1
Please. Stop. The two are not related.
Roy Hunte 6
After writing a long post on LinkedIn praising Biden. Lol, you get what you voted for.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Sidney Martin 5
He shut down travel with China way back in the beginning and the Democrats yelled bloody murder. He took a LOT of flak from the dems, now they say he should have done more.
dnorthern 9
Did you not see what happened world over?

Save for small countries and island nations. The impact of covid was worldwide.

Not to mention a large porrrion of us deaths were in NY and CA where state/local politicians failed miserably.

A narrative of base stupidity is beyond reason
godutch 1
are you an adult or a sheep who spews CNN talking points?
dnorthern 6
Pre flight covid teat is meaningless and provides comfort only to the sheep
dnorthern 3
godutch 3
'Teat' is ok...they need a teat, they've never been weaned.
Robert Mack 1
well I've been weaned but still like a teat often!
dnorthern -4
Yep. They’ve latched onto the government apparatus. Except it is singular and lower, anatomically
Depends on the test.

And if Covid tests were so meaningless, why are pro sports players tested daily, and sometimes twice in a day?

It seems the highest degree of absurdity that the people chirping about the stupidity of testing are wasting hundreds of thousands of them on a few prized performing ponies, when the rest of the country can't get a reliable test to literally save their lives...
dnorthern 1
Quite simple for even a casual observer. Trending. A single point in time test may not identify one who is shedding virus (contagious) with a too low to detect viral load. In the case of pro athletes, the consistency in testing is the key (trending).

Statistical validity for air travel would require multiple testing starting days prior to travel.
Craig Findlay 4
Anyone who thinks government intervention can solve the present situation are dreaming.You have a third world postal system and a water system in the tri-state area that people cannot even think about drinking. What has ever been done to resolve these huge problems.
Tim Smith 3
It won't be long, and you'll not be able to travel State to State without "papers."
I agree mr tim smith give it time
Len Peixoto 3
If an aviation enthusiast wishes to ignore the fake C19 and fly, then the free market should not be infringed. If you believe in ConRona, you also have every right to choose not to fly and stay home. It's really that simple. Life is dangerous, friends. Live it to the fullest, or buy into the fear wreck the lives of others. I'm coming up on the 1 year anniversary of being separated from my wife and daughters because plandemic related restrictions. How about we all just respect one another's choices, but NOT infringe upon them.
Sidney Martin 1
Sorry about being separated from your family. Thumbs up for your post.
Rico van Dijk 3
"It would set us back another year in the recovery," he predicted.
Just look at Europe, we’re here still on the downhill slope with furloughs, lockdowns, night curfews and almost all our planes packed in blankets.
You wouldn’t wish this to your worst enemy! Every step backwards, i.e. introducing new measures, is one towards the abyss.
Jesse Carroll 2
The middle seat is idiotic to begin with in my humble opinion! Most aircraft I've on in the last 20 years only leaves 2 feet between butts to butts!, Plus the poor bloke in front of you and behind you certainly or in your sneeze zones!
How do we know that China or anyone Country isn't still spreading Covid and other diseases everywhere today? We will be fighting this stuff for years to come!
Luckily, I have taken my first shot and get my second one soon! Will I start flying more once I receive my shots? No, mainly because when I do fly, it's to another country and have to be quarantined 14 days when reentering the States of America.
Yes I typed States of Americas because we are not certainly "United" at this time.
Now, lets take this forum back to flying! Whats Elon Musk up to now days?
Amy Hussar 2
I've stopped flying until airlines start standing up to all of this. There's nowhere I really need to go right now anyways, so it's no skin off my back.
Gee I guest the anti tester and the know it alls, would just do nothing at just let the industry fold.
Why to the non flyers, have all the ideas about how it "wont work' , "leads to the slaughter house" etc.

We'd still be on the ground testing at Kitty Hawk if it was up to you, it's amazing how many arm chair coaches and negative people must have been bypassed and ignored until the LIGHT BULB worked and the Lunar Module landed safely, STAY SAFE IN YOUR ROCKING CHAIRS !!, the rest of us will continue to move forward, risk, innovate and LIVE
Can't believe how many on here have turned this into a political debate.

It's about being SAFE.
sr22pilot1 1
But it’s OK if illegal immigrants flood in without a negative test.
Kurt Huber 0
Exactly. Lots of things Biden has done need to be corrected. Too bad he has to act like a dictator.
I just received my second shot. Was told in 7-10 days I'd be about 95% protested. So...why do I need to take a Covid test. Yes, there's that 5% chance. However, the flu vaccine is rarely better than 95% and its communicable, as is bronchitis, lice, etc- are we going to start testing for every disease?
sarafinc 1
I just turned 70 and plan on going to Europe in late May and returning to the US in the middle of June. I'm getting my second V19 shot tomorrow. Should I cancel my flight? It will probably not be a mask free era at that time. Love Delta Air Lines....
Phil Smith 1
Wait. Mask s work right? Airlines require EVERYONE wear a mask. Right?? Then why would I be worried about getting the C19 if masking works???? Why would I need to be tested???
My personal air travel is 99% international so I'm expecting changes in what was normal prior to last year's turn of events. Test or no test, vaccine or no vaccine, I wouldn't feel comfortable getting on a plane yet (and can't because of regs in place in the UK). It's got nothing to do with politics. I'm just not ready for people who challenge the rules of courtesy and basic human interaction, those who feel that defiance and "their rights" supersede everyone else's and including (but not limited to) boarding with luggage that's beyond the limit, putting feet up on a tray table, coughing and sneezing without covering the face, kicking the back of the seat, throwing trash on the floor or putting it in the seatback pocket, you get the picture. Sometimes "my personal choice" is just a reflection of how mindless some can be.

I usually fly business class where these are less likely to happen but still do, and I'm just too weary too have to worry if the person next to me is cautious and considerate. I feel sorry for people who have to travel to keep their job. The airline industry is suffering but aren't we all.
Thing is everyone wants a bail out but no one wants to follow rules. The airlines got lots of bailout money enough to keep them in business while a small bakery in Hawaii closed doors, not big enough to to save. Remember the big bank and auto bailout, only Detroit paid back the tax payer, not one bank or Wall Street folks paid you back.

I say you want my bailout money then follow the rules and help get out of this pandemic. The last one lasted 2 years.

So maybe I will not fly Delta ever again, any use those who want to keep me safe
david heins 1
people have the choice to fly. they fill the stores and bars. i fly Delta all the time. its very safe.
Scott Massey 1
Good point but if the infected person only wears a mask when on an airplane then the discards it at their destination, the infected person can spread the infection and the airline helped. The issue is controlling spread. If you believe that Covid-19 is real and it actually kills people then it is proper for the FAA and the airline industry to protect the public and determine if additional boarding steps should be mandated. This is an academic question today, without a real solution, but if one were to be developed in the future that was quick, then it’s probably the right thing to do. It’s a matter of degree. Airlines can haul hundreds of people, unlike traveling by car, so by definition, airlines could transport hundreds of a symptomatic individuals even if they are wearing masks. That’s not controlling spread.
Said the CEO who's received 5.4 billion in covid relief.
wtwisniewski 1
ADs are complied with without anyone being "blasted". We accept and agree that safety is paramount. The virus is deadly dangerous and we need to treat it in the same safety perspective as mechanical integrity. We need to vaccinate, test, and redesign aircraft ventilation systems to provide clean air independently to each occupant. How about a new class of "biological hazards" ADs?
Brett Gurney 1
The problem is testing resource and behavior issue. The behavior makes this necessary; The resources currently make this difficult to execute without harm to the airlines bottom lines. As more people start travelling, planes will be full, as flight availability is limited, which puts passengers and personnel at greater risk for now. Testing results would prove who is right in this case. Go back to problem 1 - testing resource issue.
Ashley, what credible, published source did you get your 95% effective mask utilization from virus protection or spread? How does it stack up against decades of multiple published, peer reviewed studies indicating their inability to prevent disease? What about the deleterious effects of constant mask utilization confirmed by research? Typical of emotion based thinking humanoids with no facts to counter with, you then go on attack with name calling/labeling of opposing views. With regard to the number of Covid deaths, the CDC on March 24, 2020 adjusted their reporting rules on listing cause of death in the presence of co-morbidities, without appropriate review legally required by the OMB, from the perfectly acceptable and federally approved 2003 document. Since 2003 infections would be listed as secondary with the co-morbidity such as Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc., listed as primary cause of death. The change made the primary cause of death Covid and co-morbidities secondary essentially. Can you begin to imagine how many influenza deaths would have been tested and counted each year previously if following the current guidelines. They would have been astronomical. Can you imagine how many grandmas, teachers at open schools would have been listed as dying from super spreader events due to their offspring living life going to basketball, hockey games much less going out to restaurants? So quit throwing these ridiculous COvid death numbers at us stupid, aggressive people who have just as much compassion and consideration for others as you do. We feel the emotions but look at facts to make our decisions on what is best. It is better to challenge your brain which strengthens it, it is better to challenge yourself physically as it makes one better and the same applies to your immune system. I am a dentist who has treated patients inches from their being for 40 years and have not had a flu bug since 1977. I am not superman as my family will attest, but I do have a daily challenged immune system that eventually will give out but I intend to live life not hide from it based on common sense, not dictates from agenda driven reporters, coiffed, single brain celled talking heads or a physician who does not treat patients but is bought and paid for.
Robert Mack 1
Dr., I can totally relate. My career has spanned 45 years but for the majority of the past 24 I have lived in the expat community - exposed to poor infrastructure while breathing in filth or toxic air. My immune system is probably better than most. Getting my flight physical kicked back in 2019 until results from a nuclear stress test and subsequent heart cath (which led to quad-bypass), I was unaware I'd even suffered a heart attack - up until the surgery I was hitting the hills in middle-Tennessee for 10-12 miles each day - within 3 1/2 weeks after the surgery I was back up to 8 miles/day (and still waiting on OKC, of course). But who knows - I could die today - doesn't matter, I'm ready but it won't be due to a poor immune system).
Anything we can do to stop this pandemic is NOT a horrible idea. Money grubbers!
william kruspe -1
Welcome to socialist Ameika
Comments below are unbelievable. Everyone is living in denial, only interested in themselves. I wonder how this pandemic is spreading round America. Hm. Let me see. Is it all the people walking between towns ans states,No? No. Cycling? No? It can’t be flying surely? Go int I a hospital and watch people slowly during horrific deaths. Then support flying during a pandemic.
dnorthern 1
So let’s crash the economy further. Go watch people slowly die because of despair, it’s real I know a young woman who overdosed and died. The current situation likely a factor.

People like you have no common sense and depend on the government to take care of you. Sad
dnorthern -1
Sheep incapable of self sufficiency and without risk management skills down vote.
Peter McGrath 1
I think people need to look at the bigger picture! Start off with air travel since that's pretty easy to control with TSA and airports. But since Biden's already calling for "travel restrictions" to "certain states" under the guise of "Covid", this may just be the tip of the iceberg! We may someday be hearing "Let me see your papers" in the not too distant future!
Well said Robert Pringle! Finally someone with some common sense!!
Gary Faraci 1
When the government bails you out, you have no right to be dictating how you want to run the airline.
Scott Massey 1
If it is true that minimal cases have occurred from airline travel then I agree. Tests to travel is probably not required to protect fellow travelers but if an infected person travels from one place to another and infects others, isn’t that a problem? If there was a quick test that can be performed in a few minutes then because of the unique situation of airline travel then it should be part of today’s boarding process.
In the end - how would a rapid test really inconvenience anyone. Flying is not a “Right” but a privilege in the end.
William Heck 0
Catching the virus on the flight is not the issue. Transporting infected people from a hot spot to create a new hot spot is the issue. We have to get this under control so that it does not have the chance to mutate into contagious, deadly forms, that the vaccine does not provide protection for.

So, test before you fly, or cancel all flights for 60 days. Why do we rush around so much anyway?
So 10 years from now when we're standing around a fire in a barrel attempting to keep warm after covid lockdowns crashed the economy & destroyed our lives, should we still be tested then? Even thought they STILL won't have a handle on it in 2031? At what point is this too much?
Robert Mack 2
Smitty, somehow I don't believe it's gonna be 10 years - maybe 3 at the most but more like 2 (and I'm an optimist). Hmmm, the old fire pit blazin' & fresh venison on the barbie!! (think I'll knock one down and field-dress it now)!! Thanks for the idea - dinner's on me - everybody's welcome!
bfburley 0
I agree -- lousy and horrible idea
AWAAlum 0
Some day, maybe 15-20 years from now, people reading history books will be gobsmacked that people back around now actually walked around without any masks wondering how in the world people could have been so uninformed.
Alternatively, we could stop all domestic air travel except for emergencies. Apparently, he doesn’t get the idea that we are in a national health emergency that is about to get much worse.
Sidney Martin 2
Who said that? Some of us actually had the virus and didn’t get killed. Stopping travel won’t stop the virus.
The Biden Pretendacy plot thickens. We are so concerned for your well being that we have added more taxes on your favorite cigarettes, you can die from lung cancer but heaven forbid covid, we have a plandemic to uphold here.!'
Myla Dale -2
Of American Airlines can ask for Covid test results for flights to the Caribbean (families returning home) why should Delta NLT ask for a test result? STOP BIDEN BASHING. He didn’t start this but he is trying to end it. Our carelessness and disrespect and selfishness has caused our economy to suffer. Did your ever stop to think that perhaps our front-line health care workers would like to get back to semblance of normalcy in their lives too!! And when will there be accommodation for those who have had their 2-dose VAX? No one is taking those folks into consideration, yet. Time to start the revisions? I’ve
Worn masks on flights for many years before Covid and I shall continue post Covid. But PLEASE let’s get past this safely and with RESPECT for others, by doing the right thing. (Even if your a hoaxer, okay along for the hell of it) .
Respect works two ways.
The tests that is required is not required by AA, it's required by the Caribbean country to be entered - I know, I flew to Antiguarecently. And also, tests required to come back into the US??? Would you trust a 3rd world test - oh, or is that racist?
Ken Lane 3
Biden is a socialist pig who is playing politics over the virus along with the rest of his ilk.

When Trump blocked travel from China last January, Biden called him a xenophobe. In August, Biden was out there saying Trump didn't do enough.

The Democraps are the worst of hypocrite scum. Only a fool would defend Biden and his hypocrisy.
Derek Vaughn 3
Biden is a puppet in every sense of the word.
mickey hines -1
Hi! Call me fool! Fool!
R2robot -2
This comment section is reminding the rest of America and the world why we're STILL in this pandemic.
lynx318 -6
Bastian sounds like an ignorant anti-vaxxer. Thinks good air filters are all thats needed to protect. Londoners used to think cholera was spread by miasmas too.
dnorthern -5
Sheep. The train that will take you to safety boards over there
lynx318 2
I'm in Oz and we have a leader that did something about the pandemic before waiting for W.H.O. to state the obvious that a pandemic was here. State of Victoria is going into tkotal stage 4 lockdown again tonight due to 11 british strain infections. Relish in your half a million deaths seeing as you like living dangerous and dumb.
Problem is, mate, that Oz will simply delay the inevitable by destroying its economy.
godutch -5
Baaaaaaa, Sheeeeeeep, baaaaaaaaaa
Myla Dale 4
Ignorance and sarcasm will not get you far. Try respect for yourself and others.
Ken Lane -3
If Bastian gave a damn about liberty he would not only tell Biden and their liberal ilk to go piss off, he'd remove all requirements to wear a mask on the safest environment possible when at altitude.

Yes, you will not find a cleaner environment than an airliner at altitude, short of flying through volcanic ash. That's not good for turbines.
Right on!!
Many people, me among them, will never board a plane again unlees convinced that a deadly disease is not boarding as wellWould you baord a plane with an Ebola sufferer? Not me. People vote with their credit cards and boarding passes.
Right at this moment,,we can choose our airline. They make Delta do this, they'll make ALL of them do it. Woo Hoo, let's put the airlines out of business - or better yet, nationalize them. BTW: who ARE these people to dictate this? Based on nothing.
AWAAlum 1
Do you suppose there's the eensiest teensiest possibility they're basing it on data you or I aren't privy to? No matter how much effort I put into it, I simply cannot convince myself this decision is based on nothing.
It's all about control...and power. Making us suffer, making business go "out of business". Open your eyes.....
John Prukop 0
Here's the full presentation you all need to see. It was scrubbed from YouTube for obvious reasons.


Bottom line: If you put your hand in the fire - you're going to get burned!
John Prukop -1
It's AMAZING how the MASS General "JOE SIX-PACK" public as well as educated aviation pros have bought into the COVID-19 LIE - hook, line and sinker - while Fauci pulls off his second 'virus' heist-escapade, the first being the NON 'AIDS Virus' in which tens of thousands were sent to their deaths with a JAB.

Have you read the Strecker Memorandum? WHO KILLED AFRICA. That's not a question, but a FACT.

Time to wake-UP! Strongly recommend you search out and watch Dr. Carrie Madej, MD explain the real life truth to you about the Moderna/DARPA Hydrogel-Lucerfrase-Nanoparticle-Transfection Operating System that activates and communicates via 5G Artificial Intelligence and the IOT (Internet Of Things), being sold to an unsuspecting global public.

IT'S NOT A VACCINE! COVID-19 is a globalist psychological warfare program part and parcel of eugenicist Bill Gates' Global Depopulation Program in concert with UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030. Here are just a few MUST SEE vids on what's really going down:

Dr. Carrie Madej, MD The Battle For Humanity:

Dr. Thomas A. Cowan, MD on BitChute:

Claire Edwards, BA HONS, MA, UN Editor/Trainer in Vienna and Editor and Co-author of the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space:

Good luck to you all - You're GONNA need it!


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