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American Airlines becomes first US airline to introduce "Health Passport" for all international flights to US

FORT WORTH — American Airlines becomes the first U.S. airline to introduce an easy way to provide results from a negative coronavirus (COVID-19) test and other completed documents required for international travel into the United States. ( More...

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For me and those of us internationally, this is a good idea. Now if we can only get multiple countries and airlines to standardize on one app or one way to present the covid test results or standardize on 24, 48, or 72 hours before the flight, that would be great.
What if I have salmonella? It kills you know (did TSA ban raw chicken hands?)
The Airlines are getting billions in subsidies and then pull this kind of stunt. Pull the subsidies, let them change their business philosophy or go bankrupt. They are not worth the effort.
James Wall 4
What is the problem with the health passport? Seems like it would speed up the government required review of our Covid-19 status before boarding. Might be useful for those places that require a Yellow Fever vaccination as well.
saso792 1
This is not a stunt by American Airlines or any other airline that follows suit. The government is setting the standard and the airlines are trying to make it easier for you, the passenger. If you don't think the airlines are worth the effort, I would assume you don't need to fly.
Don Derham 1
Perfect reason to avoid AA.
ADXbear 1
Flying on these legacy airlines has really gotten out dated and tiring. I long ago stopped only to us southwest when needed.. I'll buy the seat next to me, if I nèd to bring my mini poodle, I pay a small fee and she fits under the seat, easy no hassle. A little common sense goes along way, but I'm not going to be bullied by a service I'm paying for.. no more! Stop bailing out these unprofessional airlines.. sink or swim.
saso792 1
Are you one the right article. This article is not about you being bullied by a service you are paying for and it is not about your poodle.
I can (seriously) get anyone a note saying you are - . Heck, I even got to spray my own ChinaFlu vaccine into the same sink DOZENS of others were disposed of at. ..but, I got "My papers" and they are "in order"...Hitler approved!


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