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This Unidentified Plane Flew Over California. The Air Force Won't Admit It Exists.

A photo of what could very well be the Air Force’s shadowy RQ-180 spy drone recently appeared—and disappeared—from Instagram. The image depicts a flying wing-shaped aircraft leaving a contrail in its wake. An observer reportedly took the photo while the aircraft was over the Military Operating Area at Edwards Air Force Base in California. ( More...

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Frank Lewis 17
Hey I was part of the SR-71 program in the early 60's and I still don't admit it exists.
Steve Cutchen 3
Steve Cutchen 4
uh, I mean "oops"
AWAAlum 3
Probably what you actually meant is: "oops, I mean oops"
Timothy Clark 3
Umm... You just did. Better get your memory oblation device. I won't forget lol.
darjr26 22
When I look closely I think I see “Amazon Prime Air” on one of the wings.
Winning the comments!
craigbell1941 7
Anything can, will, and has been seen flying above EAFB over the years, it is after all the largest military testing facility in America. The ghosts of Yeager, White, Armstrong and Manke still haunt the Happy Bottom Riding Club.
s s 7
Yeager isn't dead and let's hope that American hero and patriot stays that way for a long time to come.
msetera 6
That was just a heavily modified C-172. Nothing to see here, move along...
paul gilpin 3
what's the matter with you?
that's a weather balloon.
get your stories straight.
I disagree, its a stick some kid threw.
Give it six months and China will have developed a knock off copy.
Suresh Mukhi 5
The truth is UP there. :)
Mark Zagar 4
High altitude spy drone with a contrail :-)
Bill Butler 0
Yeah, and the contrail was "approximately 20.000 feet". Huh?
Ben Bosley 4
It's clearly swamp gas
Jim Highfill 1
That reflected off of Venus.
Bill Butler 3
In my short life, this is the longest one of these continuing threads has gone. And it's been delightful! Thank you all for a fun time. A6 SEA.
WhiteKnight77 3
That is an interesting looking UFO for sure.
Jim Smirh 3
"The RQ-180’s existence has never been confirmed by the U.S. Air Force." That's only because the gears of the military grind exceedingly slow.
In other news, I flew a kite over socal, but I've yet to go on record to admit it was a kite.
paul trubits 3
You just did.
AWAAlum 3
Thanks, Captain Obvious
mdburd 2
When I was in high school, my dad was at MCB Barstow--Edwards flyovers were a daily occurence. Got to see several interesting aircraft.
Actually, an Edwards Flight Surgeon gave me my first flight physical before going off to ERAU-PRC nearly 30 years ago... :-)
AWAAlum 2
Even I, as naive as I sometimes am, find it hard to believe it doesn't exist when there are photos of it. Silly ole' Air Force.
lynx318 2
I see the F-35 replacement prototype is up for testing already.
Dang some of you guys are making me laugh so hard ...keep it up ! :)
I think it looks more like an RQ-180 than the B-21. I’d love to know for sure what it is though!
Ralph Wigzell 1
It was an AK-47 or a Glock or a weather balloon.
Chris Croft 1
C'mon Bentwing, oxygen is recommended above 10,000 ft MSL to counter the effects of hypoxia.Descend a 1000 ft or strap on the LOX
Dave Mathes 1
...come on, it's California...!
ReverendLee -1
Well the good thing is that scrolling to the bottom of the page gave me to a link to another article that bashed the F-35. So it wasn't a complete waste.
bentwing60 -7
P.M. soldiers on for a crowd that ,historically, wouldn't recognize anything under 'the hood' we used to 'pop'! Think Holly carburetors. I ate it up as a kid and a guy wrote a how to reply/article that appeared whenever, entitled "Say, Smokey", penned by none other than "Smokey Yunick", A pre-woke NASCAR legend in his own time. P.M. forever!

Yawn, doesn't that airfoil on steroids look like something out of a Mojave hangar where Bert used to hang out? I know, Jack is in there somewhere.
Dave Mathes 5
...not sure what you're babbling about but I did have the honor on chatting with 'Smokey' when I was a student at ERAU back in the 70's....
bentwing60 2
"Come on man", I made a simple comment about 'Americana', and P.M. and 'Smokey' ain't exactly household names here so, this is a chat board and I rang a new bell for the "I never knew that crowd". If you had another vote I would be gone again. Another PA. vote? (Show anyway) the path to the most exposure you twit! For whatever agenda. Pluck the vote, the libbies said so.
WhiteKnight77 3
Smokey was a legend for sure. Many learned about how engines worked and could be made more powerful by him. That he is virtually unknown to but a few nowadays is sad.
James Simms 3
Smokey was a B-17 pilot flying 50 missions over Occupied Europe in “Smokey and His Fireman”.. A Yunick improvisation was getting around the regulations specifying a maximum size for the fuel tank, by using 11-foot (3 meter) coils of 2-inch (5-centimeter) diameter tubing for the fuel line to add about 5 gallons (19 liters) to the car's fuel capacity. Once, NASCAR officials came up with a list of nine items for Yunick to fix before the car would be allowed on the track. The suspicious NASCAR officials had removed the tank for inspection. Yunick started the car with no gas tank and said "Better make it ten," and drove it back to the pits. He used a basketball in the fuel tank which could be inflated when the car's fuel capacity was checked and deflated for the race.
WhiteKnight77 2
Yeah, a lot of rules in NASCAR are due to his skills. ;)

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