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Eastern Airlines Shows Off Its Shiny New Boeing 777 Livery

Initially, Eastern Airlines planned to have variations of their livery based on cities that they fly. But that seems to have fallen by the wayside in favor of just one version. ( Más...

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patrick baker 2
this weed of an airline has factors against sucess, survival and relevance. Route system, choice of used aircraft over newer ones, initial size , employee experience, and public acceptance. Not too many people want to fly where the company is offering flights. Competent competitors chose not match route offerings, and Eastern has chosen to operate where passengers would have to take a leap of faith at a time when folks are not in a rush to jump. I will say the livery is shiny. I will not say it is attractive.
Roger Anderson 1
The only route I'm questioning is JFK-GEO (and I guess MIA-GEO), because both Caribbean Airlines and American are operating (before COVID), and JetBlue also wanted to jump on board between JFK-GEO. Seems like it's going to end up in a price war once things pick up again. Not sure they have that much traffic to sustain so many airlines even with an oil boom.
David Browett 1
Airlines make their own choice of livery.....can't please all but I fly to get from A to B... if onboard service is fine that's fine, also of course the fare on offer
ADXbear 0
No way.. hate the colors.. rename the airline to Hippy 60s Air..
jeff slack 1
You are right; it is just so much awful; even back in the day it never looked this bad.


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