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Qatar Airways to Retire All Boeing 777-200LRs and 300ERs “Over the Next 3-4 Years"

Qatar Airways will phase out its entire Boeing 777-300ER and 777-200LR fleet by 2024 in favour of new Boeing 777X jets as part of a ‘green modernisation’ push which will also see the last Airbus A380 scuppered by 2028. ( More...

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pilotjag 2
Two more great articles...
Why the sudden push to dump the 777? Hmm...
It is a swap for the 1st gen 777s for the current ones. Per the article they'll actually end up with 3 more 777s than they have now.
matt jensen -4
By 2028 they'll be back to riding camels. Invest in camels, mules and horses.
And if this country isn't lucky, we will be pushing our stuff around in wheel barrows!


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