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PIA Passenger Opens Emergency Door On ATR Flight During Landing At Sukkur

A passenger on board a Pakistan International Airlines ATR 42-500 aircraft accidentally opened the emergency exit during landing at Sukkur, Pakistan. ( Más...

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djames225 2
Sorry but I'm not buying the "opened by a passenger" BS. How is it they were out of their seat during landing? Sounds more like an "our mechanical department makes mistakes" moment.
racerxx 1
Well I’m still trying to understand how someone opened the rear door last year thinking it might be a washroom. Facepalm
Roger Anderson 1
F/A seemed really chill about it. Either "oh this happens once a month" or the guy got up not knowing the rules and the F/A didn't have him sit back down.
bbabis 1
I had the same thing happen last century in a corporate Merlin 4C. The airline version was the Metro. A passenger had used the emergency exit handle to help get out of their seat. The window did not come out at that time and they just pushed the handle back up but the pins were not made. Hard to find on a preflight. Pressurization held it in on the next flight but of course it fell in on the passenger sitting there on the next landing. Oops!


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