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A Superjumbo flew the longest ever A380 flight and no one noticed

On December 19th, a Qantas Airbus A380-800 flew the longest ever A380 flight from Dresden to Sydney. The aircraft (reg. VH-OQH) called ‘Reginald Ansett’ took 18 hrs and 26 minutes and covered 16,105 kms to reach Sydney. But this flight was not part of Project Sunrise. The Airbus A380 was flying a non commercial service, with empty seats as well as it didn’t have cargo load. ‘Reginald Ansett’ spent the last few weeks in hall 285 at Dresden Airport to be upgraded with a new cabin. ( More...

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Should have ferried to London and used as a revenue flight. They could have filled it up particularly in the Christmas season.
belzybob -2
Yes indeed, very wasteful.
Chris Miller 2
There was probably a reason
Jakob Xanther 2
The reason is that you need a extra crew on the ground which would need to get there off-duty taking away capacity from other regular flights plus hosting the crew for a couple of days, etc. You also don't know if it was exactly predictable how long the job in Dresden would actually take. The schedule was obviously very tight as the aircraft went into normal service again right after it had arrived at Sydney. I would agree that it could probably have been planned differently, but not just like that.
Mike Mohle 0
Think of the "Carbon Footprint" Yikes! Don't tell Greta!
jmonroe 3
Two days later, the aircraft had a diversion from LAX. After going outbound for and hour, it did a 180 and held (dumping fuel?) around LAX until landing. Anyone know what that was about?
I think it was something mechanical. I remember watching it taxi into gate 159, thinking to myself that I just watched it push-back from the other site of the terminal, and I asked one of the guys what the deal was and all he said was that it was a complete offload. For some reason, they canceled the flight. *shrugs*. They got it back out the next day. And I just saw it on the ground again yesterday.
I ve been waiting to try out the new Business class "suites" in the 380.
Once the NSW fires go out (if ever) I can book our return YLW-SEA-LAX-SYD flights on this refurb bird or of its sisters
joel wiley 0
Maybe they could convert an A380 as a fire tanker ala N744S with it's 18,000 cal capacity. I wonder what it could drop.
Mike Risney 2
Line up 6 of those, 2 at a time to make run after run, seems like it would save a ton of houses, time and maybe only cost a little extra?
patrick baker 1
QUANTAS OUGHT to have sold some tickets on that flight- there is no rationalization that i would agree with for not selling to generate revenue, and think of the publicity: maybe an auction for seats, with some of the proceeds going to a popular social cause..
Howewer marvelous !
J.J. Lasne 1
Seems that the aircraft flew over Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Richard Orgill -8
The aviation community took notice there were reports all over the Aviation News concerning this flight and what could be learned from it on the Human Factor side of the house.
Viv Pike 4
I think you are mistaking this for one of the "Sunrise" flights. Did you read the article ?
william baker 3
Nope I forgot that part lol. I just comment on what I dont read lmao.


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