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UK's Labour Party will examine proposal to ban all private jets

The United Kingdom's opposition Labour Party said on Monday it would examine closely a proposal to ban private jets ( More...

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Alan Hume 13
Seriously? And they say Boris Johnson is mad! This is La La Land in extremis! What about all those container ships keeping England supplied with essential goods? They use minimally refined heavy oil and would likely produce more pollution in one trip from Hong Kong to Britain than all the Exec Jets flying into the UK would do in a year. One of the major by-products of burning jet fuel (essentially kerosene) is a chemical consisting of hydrogen and oxygen known as H2O ... water! How evil! And don't get me started on contrails, pleeeese!
Dihydrogen monoxide (hydroxylic acid) is one of the leading causes of death!
Alan Hume 2
Indeed, especially if your inhale copious amounts of it into your lungs! Glug, glug, glug.
randy everett 2
Reel him in boys, you got him hooked good!
A. Highsmith 0
who says?
Rich Boddy 0
It's science
A. Highsmith 2
Junk Science
joel wiley 8
They don't recognize that that will cut off the source of jets promoted to corporal and sargent /s
aatower 21
Until then, all Labour Party loyalists are to remain on that island and never ever take a vacation again until ALL aircraft are electric. What?....? You think that Ryanair or BAW or EZY flights don't leave a carbon footprint either - hypocrites!!!
Ken McIntyre 11
"Do as I say, not as I do"...
These men are completely crazy: every ban is a form of totalitarianism, I would never cast my vote for politicians like them. I thought communism was dead 30 years ago today, when Berlin's wall was torn apart, but when I read things like this I sadly understand I was wrong !!
Roy Troughton 13
Time to stock up on candles and make sure that bicycle is in good working order! Of course you probably won’t have a job to go to anymore so it really doesn’t matter.
Mike Mohle 26
Yeah those "electric jets" really are ready for Prime Time. LOL. What a bunch of idiots pandering to
"Climate Change" extremists.
What a bunch of jealous ass-clowns.
I think Members of the Labour party should stick to paper plane throwing ,and then catch Boats or trains to their destination's Private Planes are a Privilege .Let the bigger organisation's design and fly Climate change envirorament friendly aircraft.
gerardo godoy 6
Once again the Left and Communists Prove they are the most stupid people on earth, they wrecked Russia and many other countries in the 20th Century and did not learn anything. They are so pathetically conglomeration of Morons...evil ones too!
These are the same people who lined up in a row and marched while beating drums to face the enemy: who promptly shot them from hidden positions.
In the mean time just give me another fill up of 100lLL.
SJ Pratt 2
PRIVATE jets, people. Read the story.
Nothing about banning commercial airliners.
And nothing about doing anything immediately.
Larry Toler 2
Might as well shut down any and all airshows as well.
David Seider 2
Dammit, don't give them any more ideas!
Brian Wilkes 3
Just charge them with a carbon levy and or tax when they land and depart!
The worlds gone nuts!
Randy Reynard 2
And I thought the US Legislature was clueless. WOW!
pete weston 1
mmm wonder how many of the ban the private jet folks still travel in one??
bbabis 1
The saying "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" comes to mind.
Joao Ponces 1
This stupidity has no end? Instead of looking at the bigger, serious issues, they just do mediatic ones, like the French say "pour appater le borgeois"...
A.L. Eller 1
And...they've got to get their oxcarts out too, but only for Labor party MPs. Leave the rest of us alone!!!
Michael Moon 1
Hmm, well I for one would like to see this so-called report. Who paid for it and what data are they reporting?
Michael Moon 2
If anyone else is interested, you can download it here for a closer look:
Jim DeTour 1
Compromise to be, like politicians love to setup, as planned from the start is higher fees on corporate landings and takeoffs. Meanwhile they will accept donations from flight service companies to change their mind.
Does the aviation industry and it's regulators consider FedEx, UPS, and DHL private carriers?
Just for starters.
FINALLY the Left are going to put their FOOT DEEP into the DOGSH*T PILE. They will piss off ALL of their Leftist Elite Friends!
David Ingram 1
That mentality is over here too, and they will go after those dirty little piston engines if they get a chance.
Douglas Kehoe 1
Has the world gone to hell in a handbasket?
jwmson 1
Corbin is the UK version of Bernie-boy while Johnson is their Frump. Putin is winning without using a single nuke or any weapon. :-(

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robert cook 4
Would your Alabama and LSU colleges be ones that pay millions to the coaches and give the students a live time of student debt to pay those millions, so you can watch a "game" that 6 grade school kids play? facts matter in my book, not your feelings!
Mike Mohle 1
Does not look like to too much got "screwed up", eh?
linbb -1
Nothing new here the EU operates on there own with no idea if its good or bad but wait until there private jet or airline cant take them where they want to travel. This contrail deal is going to cause big problems. Pull the plug on airline travel will ruin peoples travel and also cause economic problems for there destinations.
Ken McIntyre 0
Include the royal family and any and all political hypocrites, and it could be a done deal!
Peter Berner 0
Completely agree. Make those “let them eat cake” idiots travel like the rest of us, or better yet, stay at home
Jack Bennett 0
Too bad the Liberals have taken over the UK. It's time some truthful scientific data on "climate change"; (formally global warming) surfaces in the mainstream media. Who are you afraid of guys...

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