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Court Rules That Emirates Didn’t Deny A Passenger Water Leading To A Broken Ankle

A passenger suing Emirates for an accident caused by being denied a glass of water has failed in her court case against the airline. Australian Lina Di Falco suffered a broken ankle after falling onboard a flight and has blamed the airline for denying her fluids. Yesterday, a court ruled against the woman, who is now potentially liable for legal costs running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. ( More...

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Martin Cooper 6
This was a STUPID Lawsuit from the start, all these STUPID Lawsuits should meet the same fate, and make the Lawfirm eat the Legal Fees.
Jim Myers 1
"Following her holiday, Miss Falco returned home to Australia to discover that she had a broken ankle" That's NOT how broken ankles work.
Kobe Hunte 1
yeah... exactly..

Just hungry for money?!?!?


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