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Coffee Spill Forced Airbus A330 Diversion After Radio Failures

UK investigators have revealed that reluctance to use a cockpit cup-holder resulted in coffee being spilled over control panels on a Condor Airbus A330, causing substantial radio communications problems and forcing a diversion. ( Más...

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Hank Swain 7
Fate is the Hunter...
Highflyer1950 3
Good catch........Great memory!
MSU Sparty 1
One of Rod Serlings best books. Thank you!
Phil Stanley 3
Wasn't" Fate is the Hunter" written by Ernest Gann?
Fate Is the Hunter was based on the bestselling 1961 memoir written by Ernest K. Gann, but he was upset that it was so different from the book, which was about his own early flying career, that Gann asked to have his name removed from the credits.

Shame because it is a great film, with Glenn Ford, Nancy Kwan, Rod Taylor and Suzanne Pleshette.
George Cottay 1
James Simms 1
That’s been on TV a few times recently
Greg Daley 4
Fate is the Hunter popped in my head before I’d finished the headline. A great movie I’ve thought of many times over the years.
Also: a book!
ian mcdonell 2
James Reason would call this error-enforcing conditions. You have a problem and you don't fix it.
Grahame Budd 2
Aircraft are always level and never bump around, and there is lots of room in a cockpit to avoid bumping the cup, so why not place the coffee on a table?

Oh wait a minute, I'm thinking of a conference room. Doing that in a cockpit sounds a like an accident waiting to happen!
hal pushpak 1
Yeah, seriously, if you think about it, this could have been the first link in a chain of events that could have ended up a lot worse than it did. No doubt there will be new airline rules and eventually some procedures industry-wide about liquids in (er, glass) cockpits and where they must be placed. I'm guessing that this was the most expensive coffee spill in Condor's history.
Mark Harris 1
Ernest K. Gann wrote the book, Harold Medford wrote the screenplay for the film.
Bill Babis 1
I dumped a cup of black coffee down the center console of a Falcon long ago. Weather luck or the planes integrity had anything to do with it, nothing happened. I have not had a cup of any liquid in a cockpit since.
bdarnell 1
Maybe think about using a travel tumbler. At least when you knock them over, you can usually grab it before too much spills.
Don Quixote 1
Yoke > Sidesticks


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