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Why is the MAX8 still flying?

When I search for B38M as the type, I note that SWA and AA are still flying the MAX8 over US airspace. These are grounded of course? Is this just a reporting error or some other technical misreporting? For instance, this is from Sunday 3/17/19. ( Más...

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Good Question... I see flights from UA, AA and SW .... unless FA is reporting incorrect data...
cessna210g 3
It could be a ferry flight (with no passengers). They would still need to get a waiver from the FAA.
Pete Templin 4
The FAA grounding allows each airframe to be flown three times on ferry flights. Perhaps airlines are moving them to bases where maintenance can be carried out while they're not flying.
Viv Pike 1
The FA database could be wrong. If you do a B78M search on FR24 you won't find a single plane in the air
Viv Pike 2
Cannot edit my typo - I meant B38M
This could also mean that FR24 doesn't take into account ferry flights, meaning their logic used for flight tracking is flawed.
kjc7 1
there are at least 9 SWA to 7 different locations, so ferry flights seem dubious. Maybe, but doubtful. It is a mystery.
Timothy Fultz 1
The route I drive for my work takes me directly by KBNA. Two SW Max’s have been on the apron next to the SW gates since the grounding order was given. I’ll see today if they are still there. I didn’t ever get to see their registrations.
Roger Anderson 3
Ferry flights to the most convenient storage facilities
I just saw a Boeing 737 max 8 B38M flying from Victorville Ca. To SKF Texas on flighaware. Why do you think that is?
Robert Fleming 1
I have a quick question. Yesterday I saw SEVERAL 737-800s on my Flightaware feed for SFO. All UNITED FLIGHTS. Since the Feds supposedly GROUNDED the MAX planes, are the -800s I saw DIFFERENT from the MAX planes? Just wondering!
Timothy Fultz 3
Yes, the -600, -700, -800, and -900 are all Next Generation aircraft. The MAX-7, MAX-8, and MAX-9 are the updated variants of the respective NG variants, from my understanding. Many of the -700 and -800 have a split-style winglet similar, but not identical to the MAX, which uses an all-new split winglet. Biggest difference between the NG and MAX at a glance is the APU come at the tail. On the NG, the tail of the fuselage blends into fhe profile of the rudder as it always has on the 737. On the MAX, it’s an actual tailcone that extends aft of the rudder. L

MAX is the machine that uses the new MCAS system, developed due to the increased thrust of the LEAP1b engines. NG is the previous generation aircraft, no MCAS, equipped with the CFM-56 engines.
Robert Fleming 1
Hey good morning Timothy. Thank you very much for explaining the difference in the Boeing classes of aircraft. I appreciate that.
Viv Pike 1
See my comment below ...


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