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Government Shutdown: Airlines, Airports Starting To See The Effects

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), together with the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) have both issued a public letter to the US Government asking to end the current shutdown. The shutdown hasn't been felt in the commercial aviation arena, yet. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees who have been working at the country's airports, regardless of the shutdown, would expect to receive their first paycheck of the year on Friday. However, because… ( Más...

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A TSA spokesman noted that all security checkpoints at every airport “are just as effective as ever.” are they saying here? lol
I call BS. Lines at LGA today were massive.
I think you missed the Have they ever really been that effective if they are now just as effective as they've ever been?
Ha! Stressed here, sorry for the miss.
canuck44 1
Obviously time to privatize both services as has been discussed here during the last shutdown over Obamacare. Passengers pay for the TSA to grope them and these funds can be transferred to the individual airports (some are privatized now). This will get rid of the union featherbedding and give local control and supervision to reasonable standards.

As far as ATC goes this should have been privatized ages ago taking it out of politics. This has worked just fine in Canada (remember how well Gander and Moncton handled the crisis on 9/11 with absolutely no notice). The essential service and funding requirements can be built into the legislation avoiding any shutdown as politicians beat their chests.


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