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Propeller blade responsible for 2017 KC-130 crash that killed 16 service members

Investigators say bad maintenance practices at a Georgia air force base missed a deteriorating propeller blade that broke off six years later as a U.S. Marine Corps transport plane cruised over Mississippi at 20,000 feet, causing the KC-130T to break into pieces and plunge into a soybean field, killing 15 Marines and a Navy corpsman. ( Más...

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Robert Fleming 2
So, "shotty" maintenance practices is the reason, a propeller blade snapped off and was basically the "cause"? 16 military men lost their lives in the crash. BULL CRAP😣😠
matt jensen 1
The props were worked on (refurbished) in 2011. Doncha think the mighty Marines could have done a few inspections of their own since?
btweston 1
Jesus. Where in the hell do you internet people learn how to write?
SmokedChops 1
So was it a case of AF regs not being followed? Or one procedure was used (AF)instead of another (Navy)? (after all, Warner-Robbins is just a small support depot that dabbles in overhaul from time to time on a new aircraft platform...oh, wait) it just seems odd that NO inspections of any kind have occurred in the ensuing six years after how many cycles/hours. What kind of mx has this airframe had in that time frame? Breaks my heart that sixteen servicemen lost their lives, but things are not adding up.
Cansojr -1
How many times have heard the grumbling on the on the preflight in heavy rain or snow or just plain grumbling. Never give in to a crew that is upset about nothing. In these situations maintenance can be a major factor if it has no problems. This low performance
Can be achieved by any member of the company. Like a propellor, some other circumstances include:catestrophic turbine failure, explosive decompression or sudden uncontained fire in the cargo hold. Nothing should never allow unsecured oxygen generators. I like to do my preflight with the new interactive Pads for preflight. It covers every detail.
Chris B -8
Alleged cause is very very suspect. A single prop caused loss of aircraft?? Not plausible on a multi engined aircraft
Michael Enzmann 10
Did you read the report, how the blade went through the airplane damaging another engine and pieces of the plane were knocked off so it was uncontrollable? It appears they did their investigation very thoroughly and it is not the first 4 engine prop plane to crash due to loss of one propeller.
btweston 7
No, he read something on Wikipedia so now he’s a qualified C-130 pilot and an accident investigator.


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