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(video) Etihad pilot asking ATC to be POLITE

Etihad and Asiana having problems with understanding what is JFK GND ATC asking them. ( Más...

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Cansojr 2
Mike do you live in New York?
Cansojr 1
Its OK Mike I'm a Canadian and unfortunately everyone has to put up with that kind of junk daily.
mike truman 2
Just a typical New Yorker talking to someone, they are rude don't take it personal
Cansojr 3
I believe you are referring to "ATC Mike". He really gets upset when Oriental and Asian gentleman don't know what they are doing, IFR Procedures (Eastern accented pilots) moved when he wasn't supposed to go. Or he got lost and plugged all ground operations because he wanted a tug that shut Kennedy down to one runway for half an hour. It's only a case of culture, competence and accents. BTW "Mike" has not apologized to "anyone that I have heard of. One of his classics to a gigantic Middle Eastern Carrier, "Whadya wan me ta do, hold your daxn hand...well I'm not". He makes Howard Stern look like Romper Room.
Roy Hunte 3
Him and Kennedy Steve can be quite obnoxious at times.
Cansojr 2
Both of them are known to Canadians who fly that leg regularly. There's a controller in YYZ who isn't afraid to insult female pilots with the worst four letter adjective possible. A 25 year vet with Air Canada said he had heard nothing like that WORD in his 16,000 hour career. I guess it's as bad as George Carlins "The seven words you can't say..." has taken over.
linbb 3
How true.
mike truman 1


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