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(Video) Bonanza forced landing in field after engine failure

With smoke billowing from inside the cockpit, this is the moment a co-pilot of a small airplane filmed his own crash-landing as he was on his way to a Thanksgiving family reunion. The pilot, a retired naval aviator and test pilot, was flying from Virginia Beach in Virginia to Birmingham, Alabama, with his son and his girlfriend on November 28, 2013, in a Beech V35 when he was forced to make an emergency landing. After three hours flying, the pilot heard a “loud pop” and the engine then lost… ( Más...

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Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. Kudos to the PIC who did a nice job of landing under control.
WillyRoss 3
Well done, kudos to the PIC
Reuben Smith 2
Is this another great tale like Theodore wright?
Chris Miller 1
Damn, that's scary. Any photos of the aftermath?
John Wilson 0
Something to think about: Couple of months back my neighbor's Bonanza also blew an engine, total failure, holes in crankcase. He, however, successfully reached an airport and made a perfect gear down landing to an uneventful stop. Fast forward to the insurance claim: No coverage because no accident. Broker: You should have landed gear up.
Don't see anything wrong with his insurance not paying for the engine.
John Wilson 2
You're insured for accidents (assuming you have hull insurance, of course), but not equipment/mechanical failure. If your navcom craps, they will not pay for it. Now, if an accident results from equipment failure, yes, you are covered for the resulting damage to the airplane EXCEPT for repair/replacement of the failed part that caused the accident. Sounds weird but that's the way insurance works.
Joe Blow 2
I guess that's what savings accounts are for.
It always kills me how they describe some things ... "the pilot manages to reach the ground" ... LOL, they all do in one way or another!!! (or "reach the water")... that what happens when there is a forced landing ...
Bob Myers 8
Wouldn't you love to see something like "in spite of his best efforts, the pilot was unable to reach the ground, and so had to leap from the aircraft which was left hanging twenty feet up in midair...." :-)
Ken Jackson 1
That has happened many times.


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