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Boeing 2017 commercial aircraft forecast doesn't include 747 jumbo jet, Airbus A380 Read more

Boeing sees the future, and it doesn't include jumbo passenger jets. Not its own iconic 747. Not the Airbus A380. The US planemaker has dropped the category reserved for four-engine behemoths from its annual forecast for the commercial-aircraft market. Instead, Boeing predicts that airlines will use more efficient twin-engine jets for long-range flights -- like its 787 Dreamliner and 777X, or a mid-market plane that's on the drawing board. Read more:… ( Más...

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planecrazy707b 1
Bring back the L1011 Tristar jets from the desert floors will be worth it and economical
andrewcarter747b -1
The 747B was the Queen of the skies for over forty years or more with many different types produced slowly they are being fazed out over the skies of the globe and you can see kilometers of them lied up sitting derelict in the deserts ready to be scrapped. The same with the A380's soon they will join them parked up in the deserts but the Jumbo jet known as the Boeing 747 was a true legionary aircraft of the skies very safe but unfortunately fuel prices have crippled future orders of the big jet


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