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Malaysia Airlines CEO says airlines have “15 minutes or less to say sorry” in response to incidents

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) chief executive Peter Bellew believes the pressure of social media means airlines now have no more than 15 minutes to provide a response to a breaking incident. On May 30, flight MH128 en route from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur was forced to return to Tullamarine after a passenger claiming to have a bomb tried to enter the flightdeck. The man was subdued by passengers and cabin crew before armed police came on board to arrest him after the aircraft landed. Later reports said… ( Más...

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Yeah and what aboput the loss of lives from missing MH370 where they know where she is at the bottom of the ocean? and also MH17 real pricks as far as I am concerned
sorry spell check about is the wording
joel wiley 1
“There is nothing better than if the top people are there on the spot at the airports,” [Peter Bellew] said.

That is going to take a lot of 'top people'.
andrew357 1
Top people tell you buckets of crap and mess you around to score points for the airline but they don"t give a crap about the paying passenger


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