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Coincidence of the Macabre. An Air Disaster Quiz.

Last week's anniversary of the Pan Am 103 bombing got me thinking about something, and I managed to put together this list. Each of these was a historically significant air disaster of one type or another. The causes and circumstances run the gamut, from sabotage to pilot error. There is one thing, however, that all of these tragedies share. It's not an especially meaningful thing, but it's a peculiarly coincidental one. Can you tell me what it is? The first reader with the… ( Más...

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They all involved JFK
Dubslow 1
(The airport)
Highflyer1950 1
Well, I believe they all occurred on a Wednesday!
bentwing60 1
Well, uhh, no. My trust but verify was with you Highflyer, so I did. "Day by date" says 4 weds., 2 sun., 2 tue.,& 2 thurs. So when somebody comes up with the "Oh duh" let me know. I'll be the one that didn't stand up when they said, is there a "peculiar coincidence" solver in the room. And by the way, I am now only flyin on Mon., Fri., or Sat. Cheers and HNY!
Highflyer1950 1
I know, just through it out there fast, got to 4 Wed and said what the heck. KJFK seems to work however. Cheers.
Highflyer1950 1
Damn auto correct....."threw"


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