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Bulgarian Mig-29s escort Lufthansa Airbus A380 arriving in Sofia for the first time

Piloted by the only Bulgarian A380 Lufthansa pilot, Senior First Officer Mario Bakalov, the largest passenger aircraft of the world took off from Frankfurt as a special flight carrying a delegation of politicians, customers and media to the Bulgarian capital to introduce the Lufthansa A380 to customers and the general public in the country and to promote long-haul flights to the U.S. and Asia. ( Más...

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El Kabong 4
Wonder how nuts their TCAS went with birds that close to a commercial jet like that.
esurk2001 0
No transponder, no TCAS
John Taylor 2
Very dangerous stuff. The low pres area vicinity lifting surfaces of large aircraft can be lethal to smaller a/c. Years ago a "chase" F-104 in formation w/a test USAF supersonic proto-type bomber was sucked in destroying both.
Er.A.K. Mittal 3
A nice and good welcome gesture !
John Taylor 1
Even more-so than TCAS.....what about ATC?
Joseph Cooney 0
But is does make for a nice photo op. for Airbus and Putin.
Joseph Cooney -4
Not so great for American aircraft industry/employees.... British-French Airbus Corp escorted by Russian MIGs...... guess American industry is not price competitive in Europe anymore.... no political clout in the Obama administration to promote our industry.
You know of course that Bulgaria is a NATO member, and the only reason they still have their old soviet era planes is the fact they can't afford newer aircraft. What is the relation to the Obama administration?
He's just another Obama hater for no logical reason.


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