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See a Boeing 777-300ER Tear Down

Aircraft Demolition shared their Boeing 777-300ER tear down from April, 2016. ( Más...

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Shenghao Han 2
Some very old 777-200 are still flying.... wonder why this one have to go into scrap yard...
SmokedChops 1
This appears to be more of a careful dismantling to study, than a shred and turn into beer can, project. I would be curious about the circumstances where a 20 year old aircraft is sectioned. Fatigue failure? Cycles? Hours? Very early hull intended for sectioning after use? Any sleuths out there able to shed light - BEGIN!
Ruger9X19 1
Maybe so the parts can be sold later with less than authentic point of origin documentation. No... that could never happen.
SmokedChops 1
quick look, 12 777's have been scrapped (write offs not included), of those 12, only 2 were -300's, both belonging to JAL, delivered 10/1998, line numbers 152, and 158. The rest were -200's. Still curious.
Jen Deglmann 1
Hi SmokeChops - I'll be updating the article, but Aircraft Demolition confirmed the aircraft had simply reached its economical life. When I get more info, I'll update.
SmokedChops 1
Thanks!! - I would love to know the chronology (cycles/hours/yada yada yada). With so few scrapped, used parts are at a premium. I can see the economics side. Stored airworthy 777 can be had around the $16-18 million range. Part it out, cash it out.
japanjeff 1
JAL ran 777-300s on domestic flights as short as 45 minutes between Tokyo and Osaka (RJTT-RJOO). It looks like they still fly them up to Sapporo (RJCC) which 1.5 hours. I can see how regularly running that sort of schedule which quickly rack up a large number of cycles.
crk112 1
Oh neat I drive by Aircraft Demolition's office every day on the way home from work !! Very cool!!
fiveninerzero 1
It's a typo on Aviation Week's part. It's NOT an ER.
Shawn Teller 1
What happened to the BA 777 at LAS??? It was here one day and gone the next it seemed like. I doubt it flew. And this weekend an AN-124 was here. Maybe flying the parts back up to Seattle?
Bill Harris 1
Reportedly repaired and back in service:
Bill Harris 1
And at this moment, enroute KJFK>EGKK


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