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Terrifying moment a British Airways passenger spots a FIGHTER JET flying next to her window

This is the terrifying moment that a passenger travelling from Dubai to London spotted a fighter jet next to her window. Sabrina Fawaz was travelling with her husband on the British Airways flight BA108 on Saturday when the plane temporarily lost communications with air traffic control as it entered Hungarian air space causing two Hungarian Air Force Gripens to be scrambled. ( Más...

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CoOL....being a plane nut ,I'd be smilin' from ear to ear ....

C Anderson 4
What ... "Terrifying"? Some people don't know what "terrifying" really is.
Can we rewrite the headline please maybe
"Terrifying moment Hungarian Pilot had to Intercept BA flight that had gone silent in the skies"
Headline makes it sound like a KAL007 style event when in fact the BA flight had flow into Hungarian Airspace with out comms.
joel wiley 2
Terrifying would be a passenger watching the missile coming up to blast MH17.
daveselvan 1
Daily mail article- as usual blowing everything out of proportion.
Brent Watney 1
yeh I mean its safety first isn't it?..i would love to see something like that...proper in flight entertainment!
Ken McIntyre 1
Rather have a fighter intercept than another 911.

Been on an intercepted flight many years ago. 1968 flying from BOI to LAX. Fighters out of Nellis AFB used to intercept commercial jet aircraft for practice in the Nevada corridor. We got lucky that day and saw a fighter up close off our DC9's wing. No big deal, the captain announced it.
CaptainFreedom 5
lol you could do that in 1968....if you did that now, you'd have a bunch of idiots screaming and crying in the cabin, then suing the airline and air force for undue stress after landing.
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Fighter Jets Intercept British Airways Boeing 777

Hungarian authorities reportedly issued their highest alert after the Boeing 777 passed over its border unannounced on Saturday afternoon


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