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Behind the Scenes: 787 Air-to-Air

Take a BTS look at filming the AA 787 from the air. ( Más...

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doublet 2
Wow. Lighten up a bit. I'm 60 and I knew what he meant.
linbb -1
I guess now we us texting for the lead into something, BTS meaning what?
kev wu 2
Sorry, I saw a few well known companies use that phrase for some of their videos, so I thought it'd wouldn't matter that much if I used it
linbb -1
Why not just write it out for those of us who are not up on things in corporate world?
kev wu 8
Well, it's fully written out in the title.... I thought most people read the title instead
bentwing60 1
That's not the corporate world linbb, it's the social network world, and I'm pretty sure you aren't a member and know for a fact I'm not! That would be facebook, twitter, And I'd like to fly one of those Learjet 25's one more time! They have some serious bang when you push the throttles to the radar screen and pull em back an inch. I guess the 787 ain't too bad either.


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