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Delta Has 194 Aircraft Purchase Commitments, Including Five 757s

According to the Delta Air Lines 2015 First Quarter Report it filed with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Delta has purchase commitments for 194 aircraft, including five Boeing 757-200 aircraft. ( Más...

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preacher1 6
Glad to see them pulling in the 757's. I guess I'm prejudice after 23 years on one but in hindsight, Boeing made a big mistake. Well, you can't really blame Boeing. You have to blame the ones that didn't buy them then and want them now.
matt jensen 1
I agree
Randy Patrick 2
Probably my all-time favorite as a passenger. The Dallas Mavericks 757 N801DM is one fine aircraft inside and out!
preacher1 2
Yeah, we replaced ours with a 767. It's like walking out on open range in the back end though. That said, there is more room on the flight deck too, but they aren't near as peppy and good looking as that 57. LOL
Chris B 1
Looking at the product mix, looks like Delta likes to play Boeing and Airbus against each other for every single seat.
preacher1 2
I don't think they had an Airbus in their fleet until the NWA merger. Once they had a chance to look them over a little closer and Airbus did come into it's own in quality, they decided there was serious competition on the block. Thy already had AB qualified pilots and are training more so why not?


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