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Air Force Spaceplane Returning to Orbit

The secretive X-37B spaceplane operated by the US Air Force is scheduled to return to orbit this May. The last mission of this type lasted around 470 days and landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base. ( More...

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Jason Feldman 1
I'd love to know what it's capabilities are and what it's is doing up there for several hundred days in a row. Vandenberg is the preferred base for NSA and CIA and the R eat of the intelligence alphabet soup. Some say it is simply a surveillance vehicle that unlike satellites can be unpredictable and catch those who avoid the regular satellites. Others say it has anti satellite weaponry. Maybe both. Maybe neither. I wish they would tell us what the big secret it. God knows our enemies know the secret. So not telling us pretty much only keeps the people in the dark. If spies were able to sneak secrets out of the Manhattan project which had much less peoe involved - "they" must know exactly what it's capable of by now. I hate all this secrecy. So many things are "top secret" or "eyes only".


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