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U.S. Airways flight makes emergency landing without nose gear

A U.S. Airways plane was forced to make an emergency landing without its nose gear at Bush Intercontinental Airport. ( More...

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randomguy 5
"A spokesperson with the airport says the pilot noticed the landing gear wasn't coming down and decided to make an emergency landing."

"decided?" I guess given the alternative of staying up there until he ran out of fuel...
Jeff Lawson 2
Flight track for AAL 1825 shows the additional missed approaches while they attempted to resolve the failure in flight --
sparkie624 1
It states American Airlines, but the Embraer 190 is a regional plane... Who actually was the company behind this plane???
randomguy 1
Likely AA operated under the US Airways certificate.

Doesn't look like American Airlines, American Eagle or its regionals, or US Airways Express operate the ERJ-190
Little bondo and a wet sand
She be back in the air in no time.
Seriously great job by crew, not just the flying but the communication with the pasengers
ar4479 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

AAL1825 makes no-nosegear landing at KIAH

An AWE flight codeshared as AAL1825 made a no-nosegear landing at IAH. No injuries.
Joe Daniel 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

FAA investigates nose-gear wheel issue on Phila.-Houston flight

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating why the nose-gear wheels on a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to Houston failed to deploy as the crew prepared to land Monday night.


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