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F-18 Cockpit Footage. Catapult Launch, Aerial Refueling & Carrier Landing (Video)

Lt. Michael Loringer, assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 22, pilots an F/A-18F Super Hornet during a mission flown from the flight deck of the Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. ( Más...

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btweston 1
Pretty cool.
Dave Braun 1
Great way to start my morning!
txseiss 1
If you've never experienced Naval Aviation, you will never understand how awesome it is.
bpzeigler 1
Just.Plain.Awesome! And I whine about putting a big truck in a small garage. Special shout-out to all the men and women who make carrier operations happen. Thanks guys!
marcad 1
Best depiction of carrier ops I've seen in a long even though it's brief. Took me back to my A4 carrie days on the Hornet. Miss it!!
I realize the KA-6's are gone but it seems like a real waste to use a supersonic fighter as a tanker. I suppose there are advantages in common parts etc.

Hats off to the men and women who do this every day in all kinds of weather, guarding our freedom. Sitting here in a warm, comfortable office it's hard to recognize sometimes that this is going on all over the world as I type this.


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