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Dutch review energy ties with Russia after MH17 crash

The Netherlands is reviewing its extensive energy ties with Russia after the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 Boeing 777 in eastern Ukraine a month ago in an attack that killed nearly 200 Dutch nationals, officials and analysts said. ( Más...

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steve rogers 2
don't do the crime if you cant do the time .it is mind boggling to me how country's think they can do these acts of terror and think everyone will turn a blind eye .
Aren't the CIA and Mossad the biggest terrorist agencies in the world? It's right at home, but we turn the blind eye!!!
CaptJohn1 2
That's not worth a response.
Martin Haisman 2
Russia seems to think complacency and ignorance will retain their status. Looking at the mismatch of uniforms and scraggly look of the separatists and Russia is supporting them, no wonder they are ill trained and exuberantly mistakenly shot down a commercial airliner. Unfortunately it looks like the Dutch have formed too much reliance on Russian exports so the Dutch will have to. do some sharp dealing to secure energy resources.

Putin really needs surgery to get his head detached from his a&$#
Maybe they should have thought better of doing business with crooks a long time ago. The US is learning the same lesson and will learn it again with china.


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