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Pilot of delayed plane orders pizza for 160 passengers

A Frontier Airlines pilot whipped out his credit card and ordered pizza for 160 passengers on a diverted flight from Washington DC to Denver. Severe thunderstorms saw the flight change course and touch down in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with the food on board having been depleted. ( Más...

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jlkinsel 0
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Delayed Frontier Pilot Orders Pizza For All

Frontier Airlines flight 719 was delayed on the ground in Cheyenne for 90 minutes. Pilot Brandner turned frowns upside down by ordering 50 pizzas from Dominos
boneidle 0
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Pilot Buys Pizzas For Passengers Grounded By Storm

Faced with potentially hungry — and grumpy — passengers, a Frontier Airlines pilot treated them to pizza when storms diverted a Denver-bound flight to Cheyenne, where the plane was stuck for a couple of hours.
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Pilot Buys Pizzas For 160 Stranded Passengers

Passengers stuck on the tarmac were shocked when flight attendants appeared with dozens of pizzas. The Frontier Airlines flight from Washington DC was diverted to Cheyenne, Wyoming, on Monday night due to inclement weather in Colorado.
Ichiro Sugioka 1
Any airline that has pilots like that deserves my consideration next time I fly.
Jeff Lawson 1
Flight for Frontier 719, from Reagan National to Denver, diverted to Cheyenne.
David Sims 3
We had a United 757 captain do this for us once in Grand Junction, CO a few years back. We were diverted from DEN due to weather, and then were stuck in Grand Junction due to crew time. We were stuck at the airport without access to food for hours, so the captain called Dominos and had dozens of pizzas delivered to the airport.
Riley Sanborn 1
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How Pilot Appeases Stuck Fliers: With Pizza

Now this is what I call hospitality. Who says Frontier is an awful airline
paul trubits 4
This is the new Frontier Airlines. Maybe this will rub off on some of the big carriers.
This is a class act and gives the definition of thinking of others ... Before yourself ... KUDOS to the pilot ... !!!! Any left overs ?
randomguy 0
I was trying to figure out how they ended up in Cheyenne, and then I realized they were talking about Washington state.
Jeff Lawson 1
The original article actually had direction of flight wrong. It claimed "Denver to Washington" but it was actually "Washington [DC] to Denver"
CaptainFreedom 7
I'm waiting for the reprimand from the bots at head office.
LittleT 3
Kudos to that pilot for making the flight diversion, just a little bit better of a situation.
Park Hersant 3
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Captain feeds passengers

Captain orders Dominos Pizza to feed all his passengers.
isardriver 4
good on the pilot, he didn't have to do it, but he did
CaptainFreedom 1
He should put it on his expense claim. It's something that the airline should be picking up.
ALT2870 2
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Pilot Buys Pizza for Stranded Passengers

Flight delays are no fun, but they're definitely better when a pizza gets delivered.


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