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Boston Logan Airport fire drill with heavy fire and billowing smoke on 9/11 just plain dumb

A fire drill today at Logan International Airport that sent smoke billowing into the sky was called “dumb” by Gov. Deval Patrick who lashed out at Massport for staging the event on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks all while grieving families attended remembrance ceremonies around the city. “I didn’t know it was going to happen. It’s just dumb,” Patrick said of the drill, which TV news footage showed featuring heavy fire and billowing smoke at the seaside airport. “The… ( Más...

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sparkie624 6
This was very bad timing... I hope they think about this in the future plannings of these events.
The drill itself is probably good exercise but the timing itself is just plain dumb dumb dumb. Not only does 9/11 bring back painful memories but it is also the day when terror alert seems to be higher than usual and was there a need to engage personnel in a drill?
Steve Shaw 3
I would think that with hundreds of people involved in this exercise that one or more would have said something like......."it IS the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, do you think this is proper?" Live and learn I suppose.
canuck44 6
Given that the jihadists and their fellow travelers tend to "celebrate" 9-11 with events like Benghazi etc, a little judgment could have been exercised and maybe skipped the smoke and visual effects. While all the employees likely understood what was transpiring, certainly travelers did not and would logically think we were being know, work place violence.
Jason Feldman 2
Or maybe we should get live our lives - not letting them dictate what we do and how we do it. Would I have personally "okay'ed" this drill, NO - but I wish I could say yes - I wish we as people living in a free world would choose not to allow the terrorists do achieve their goal - to remember their attack and change our ways - show them respect and reverence - no - I say we all must learn to tell the jihadists to F off - and purposely live our lives as if nothing happens- for the simple purpose of not letting them win

It is this - this discussion, this topic - all of it - that the terrorists really wanted. They were happy to kill and destroy, but what they really wanted was to change us, and get us to talk about them, and lose some freedoms, and learn about them- WHY ARE WE LETTING THEM WIN?
PhotoFinish 1
I'm not against people living their lives, I dint think we need another national holiday day if remembrance, etc.

In Bismark, ND or in Jakarta, or any other unrelated locations have your drills all you want. In a few intimately related locations such as NYC, DC, Boston, Shanksville PA, any action that simulates a terrorist attack is not appropriate (for as long as we have survivors around who lived through the original events).

It's not about the terrorists at all. It's not about letting them win or not. It's about showing respect for the survivors and families of the perished. A little respect is not that much to ask.

Now if a highly publicized memorial ceremony, involving the actual survivors and families who previously chose to use fire and smoke in their ceremony, that would be fine.

But for people to see an unexpected dark plume of smoke rising from the vicinity of the airport on a day that terrorists have shown a desire to attack, without any prior advance public notice is just careless planning and disrespectful of the public, particularly those who are most closely linked to events of that day.

So let's not let them win. But this wasn't careful and respectful managing of powerful symbols. It was merely carelessly disrespectful. We can do better.
Jason Feldman 4
Photo -

This wasn't disrespectful at all. It was their job. They practice year round at every major airport like here at ORD. Everyone knows when you see smoke rising at the airport - and then put out quickly that it is another practice session. It's not some random act that happens once a year and they picked 9/11 as a "powerful symbol" - its a normal everyday thing.

They were living their everyday lives, that's not wrong - in fact, that's beautiful. It's kinda nice to see people not tiptoeing around on 9/11- living their normal life- doing what they normally would. That means they were healing - they were able to look past what those shitty terrorists did - and move on.

Let me ask you a question - photo finish - here in Chicago we test out tornado sirens every Tuesday and Thursday - year round. Should we not test them on 9/11 if it falls on one of those days? After all - they are air raid sirens!!

How about the test of the emergency broadcast system on TV / radio? If it falls on 9/11 should we skip it?

I think, I hope you see my point - it's good to live our normal lives. I for one will be happy when 9/11 is treated the way 12/7 is treated today. That's a good thing. A very good thing in fact.

Would they do a fire drill on 12/7? After all planes were used for the attack at Pearl Harbor. Of course they would- they wouldn't even think twice!!

It's not that I don't respect 9/11 - personally - I cry every year. I wish it didn't bother me but it does. But I am happy to see people living their lives normally on that day. And I r rally dispise anyone for outing someone for doing just that. If you were in charge of the drill - you could choose to not do it on 9/11 - and you know what - that's fine. But you're not. So don't shake your finger at those who are moving on - and treating it as just another day.

It's a dangerous thing when people make it sound as if someone did something wrong for something like this. To make them a target - saying they were disrespectful - or non-patriotic... Should the man responsible get a reprimand? Demoted? Fired? Yelled at? Jailed? Beaten? Humiliated?

9/11/2001 was horrible, but there are 12 year old kids for whom this is ancient history. They are 12!!!! When do we as a people move on? When do these articles go away? When do people learn to live and let live?
PhotoFinish 2
I can see both sides.

a) I've been a first responder at a major airport
b) I was in the South Tower hours before it fell.

But enough about me. As far as 9/11, I prefer that life not change that much for most people that day. It is good that people can go on with their lives.

Still there is absolutely no need for anyone to see smoke rising from the airport grounds on a day when some may be contemplating their experiences and the experiences of those they knew on that day. No excuse.

There are TWO planeloads of passengers that originated in BOS that day, many of whom still have family in Boston.

Inconsiderate. Disrespectful. No excuse.
Jason Feldman 1
So what do you want to happen, since there is no excuse?

Should someone be fired? Demoted? Ridiculed?

What if he didn't realize it, what if he did?

I understand that people MIGHT be frightened, and that we would like to not put them through more, but at the same time everything I already mentioned...

Should we suspend the tornado siren since it is an air-raid siren? Should we not test the emergency broadcast system?

What if someone had a bonfire? should it be punishable as a terrorist act? what if he was pulling a prank? should people go go jail

and most importantly


see, I can see a guy who worked hard to get to his position as a manager, with a family to feed getting called into HR because of this. I can see a man seeing what he did all over the internet- with fury and hatred

How about you put yourself in that mans shoes, is he responsible for 9/11/01? should he be hated? fired? embarrassed?

here is another question - have you ever made a mistake? how would you feel if people made such a big deal about it? really try to think about what all this "controversy" would feel like if it was all on you?

what about that mans family not able to pay their bills, feed their family...

This is BS -- all of us need to leave this man alone, and be mad at the people who attacked us. Celebrate all that is good about us by not pointing your finger when someone else makes a mistake, because someday you will- and you wouldn't like being on the wrong end.

you really want to say its disrespectful, I say its the opposite in fact. I say kudos! Good for him not treating 9/11/13 like any other day. And I hope he kept his job, and was not demoted, AND I hope he hasn't gotten too much grief over this.

Our enemy is not this guy, its a terrorist organization and others like it. And when that BOS fire rescue does need to respond, I will be happy they practiced.

I am glad you were not there in the south tower when the plane hit, I was flying that day. I flew all night and into the morning. And I am nervous and scared sometimes. I don't feel good about our "procedures" if you are a pro pilot you know what I mean... would I have personally done the test that day...i am sad to say - NO.... I am sad because I wish it was over 9/11/01. But I really do look forward to a day we all are okay with a drill on 9/11... because then and only then the terrorists will stop winning. And I hate them for it. Because they won in so many ways. We won in others. We need to reverse all the bad things we did to ourselves because of 9/11, starting with the "patriot act"... which is the most unpatriotic bill I have ever seen.
PhotoFinish 1
Have all the drills you want, even on 9/11. Just don't do the black smoke. Or do the black smoke, but have the media cover the drill before the drill, not just after. Inform the families beforehand. Do it every year on that day.

What I'm trying to get away from is people seeing heavy black smoke rising to the sky from the airport UNEXPECTEDLY on the day people are already thinking about terrorism and/or mourning a loss.

What happens to the person who decided to use black smoke is not my problem. We all make decisions every day for which we are held responsible. The possibility of the person having a family is a strawman that argues for lack of responsibility for our actions. So while I don't recommend disciplinary action, whether the person is disciplined or not is immaterial to the unnecessarily shocking nature of the UNEXPECTED action, that was not forecasted to the media in advance of the drill.

Whether the man or woman responsible is fired or suspended, or whether the event is swept under the rug, doesn't change the fact the it was stupid.

We can do better.
Someone in charge just got the MORON of the year award.
sparkie624 4
I hate to say it.. But there are a lot of people that would be in the running.. But certainly think this guy would be a finalist.

[This poster has been suspended.]

sparkie624 3
LOL... I think you are right... But it took a lot of runner ups to put him there.
joel wiley 2
A million way photofinish for first.....
and I don't mean the squawk poster here
Doug Snowball 2
It SHOULD be a visual reminder of who attacked us 12 years ago and nothing has changed from the attitude of whom was behind it!
Charles Arkens 3
Milwaukee Mitchell Field is planning a mandatory TSA drill for tomorrow. Mrs. Obama will be flying in to visit the town of Watertown, WI. Do not know the time schedule of ether.
David Sims 4
Yes 9/11 does still invoke painful memories for some, and fear in others. But at some point we have to continue living our lives and not dwell on it. Look at it this way, would people panic in Pearl Harbor to see aircraft circling overhead on December 7th every year?

That time will be coming whether anyone likes it or not. Just think, kids in Junior High and now High School have no recollection of the events that day. It is just something to learn about in American History class, some videos on the internet. They won't understand the emotion most people felt or the impact it had that day.
(v)e Same 1
I doubt we will get to that point any time soon man. I think the older generations were more rough and tumble than most americans apparently are today (it seems anyway). I think they picked up the pieces and kicked butt with a different attitude and knew when it was time to move on. Now everything is like one continual funeral procession or day of remembrance. I'm sure this will be a very unpopular opinion around here, but oh well, what else is new. I mean, I flew DL ship 911 on 9/11, 2003 and my biggest concern was a mechanical problem, not some reject with a box cutter.
joel wiley 2
Would the same people have had the same reaction if the training had been on Tuesday or Thursday? Sept 11 is a national day of rememberance service now, and I for one, consider this training service in that respect. I wonder how frequently this training module is executed (is it every Wednesday?). Also wonder how many FDNY emblems were on the uniforms and vehicles.
just sayin'
william hunt 1
Very, very insensitive to anyone in anyway invoved in the 9/11 incident. Yes, it's paramount that these practises take place, and good that it's done in many airports on an almost daily basis, BUT, this is the ONE DAY that it shouldn't have been put into practise.0 out of ten for the highly paid organisers responsible for such a tactless and insensitive procedure. They of all people should have known better.
Roland Dent 1
Given that there remain questions over the 9/11 incident I would not be surprised if someone made a protest here.
Robert Robar 1
And Governor Patrick knows "dumb". Maybe Massachusetts needs a new "fire drill" tax?
sparkie624 1
Please... Be careful how you come up with new tax ideas.... These liberals may really do it...
euronorb 1
Who ever had this brilliant Idea for the fire drill Is about as Insensitive as the person who organised the "million muslim march on DC" on the same date.
Robert Fleming 1
Very poor judgement on the part of the fire department at Boston Airport, and for the Governor to call it 'dumb' is a bigtime understatement!

[This poster has been suspended.]

Ric Wernicke 1
Could never happen at LAX. The Air Quality Management District (AQMD) recently voted to ban fire rings at the beach. Do you think they would permit smoke to escape for a drill?
Matt Hauke 1
To be fair, they do this almost everyday.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Matt Hauke -1
Practicing putting out a fire in a mock airplane is not "dumb stuff" and happens nearly everyday at major airports. Next time you take off from one, look around and you will see these mock set ups.
crk112 1
Every day has something bad to remember it by... where do we draw the line on what days we can and can't do fire drills?
PhotoFinish 0
Both planes that flew into the Twin Towers departed Boston Logan on the morning of 9/11. I think it is safe to draw the line at NOT having combustible fire drills at BOS on September 11th for the foreseeable future. In fact, I can't imagine when such fire and heavy smoke will ever be appropriate at that airport on that anniversary ever again.

Just saying.
btweston 0
Those terrorists got us good, didn't they?
joel wiley 2
Do you mean the ones who have vowed to make war on us, or the ones who are 'protecting' us?
btweston 1
I mean the ones who turned us into a bunch of frightened children who, on one special day of the year, cower in a corner whenever someone slams a door too hard.

Not the ones who you were referring to when you tried to change the subject.
James Ashurst -6
Poor judgement perhaps, but at the same time, I didn't even notice it was the anniversary of 9/11 until about 8 o'clock last night.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Victor Engel 2
Did he say he forgot or that he didn't notice? Maybe he didn't realize it was the 11th yesterday. If so, he must not have been exposed to any media.
eddyandy 0
James, you sure are out of touch with the real world! What are you doing on this site?

[This poster has been suspended.]

PhotoFinish 2
Fairly certain that comment was meant for the other James, the one that inspired replies from both of you.

[This poster has been suspended.]

eddyandy 1
You're right. I posted it under the wrong James. My fault.
PhotoFinish 1
Your comment was properly threaded. It was just a bit of confusion from both having identical names.


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